Returning player after MANY years

So I decided to give EVE another try, its been to many years for me to count, I checked my account and on it I have a HULK, thats abouyt it I know, I would LOVE for someone to help me start understanding all changes made or get me into mining again so I can explore the changes bit by bit.

what corp would suit me or want me?

any help is appreciated.

Hey message me in game, The guys in my Corp would love to help you out. We’re laid back, real-life-comes-first, but also quite active and passionate about teamwork and helping people learn (or re-learn) the ropes!

Welcome back to the game!

I’ll leave the list of changes to someone else who feels like typing them out. Obviously it depends on how many years it’s actually been, but I’m enjoying the game a ton right now, so I hope you can, too!