Returning from the Dark Side

Hi Their

Well its been 9 years and iv decided to return to the abyss of space that is eve, only to find it all changed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

have started to work out most of the basics again but also that half my ships and so on is spread over a massive area and I cant fly them without an Omega Clone? also don’t understand the training skill menu or any of the character area.

Going to be interesting that’s for sure, if anyone with a bit of time has a spare moment to talk through or their are areas that I can look at to catch up id welcome the assistance


9 years! Oh my, you do have a lot of googling and reading/watching to do! gl

Ha like you probably I just started on echoes and got nostalgic enough to dig through my records and find my pc accounts, yeah I say accounts cause back in the day I had 6 on the go, but thought I would reactivate my main one.
Last login was on 2011, my other main was a cap industrialist which was 2009 lol from what I just been reading not sure my hulks and orcas are fly able anymore and my caldari navy battleships cam definitely stay docked.

But yeah if there are any active veterans that are knocking up the 10 to 15 year badge that can pont us returning vets in the right direction

Much has changed, much has remained the same. Alpha clones are a bit limited, but there’s still a lot you can do.

Check out EVE University, they have a really good help chat in game, not to mention the Uniwiki.

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The Damsel is still in distress :wink:

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