Returning 2003 player. A bit lost!

Well yes I created my first Minmatar character back in 2003 when EVE just started. In 2016 I was able to recover the account and created another one with 2 new toons but gave up after a while, I don’t remember exactly why.
Yesterday, I decided to have a look again just out of curiosity but I might want to give it a try again so I upgraded the 2003 ac to Omega but of course I am in basically unknown territory with quite a few assets spread here and there, a number of ships and I remembered I was into explo.
Anyway gonna cut the historical novel here as I just wanna ask where I should start.
Maybe run the tutorial on one new character and try to figure the game out again?
Could some seasoned players point me to some good online resources that can help to get back into the game and understand what has changed?
I have to admit it is quite daunting to come back after years and to find yourself inside a legend of a game like EVE without having much of a clue how to restart again…

So thanks to anyone willing to share a bit of his/her knowledge and to gimme a few pointers!

I gonna start with the pinned resources in this section I guess that’s a minimum…

Elijah Orm

If your account has free slots, you might just start a new additional char and do the career missions, just for the feeling. Meanwhile, you can search for a corp that helps you to find into the game again.

Alright, thanks done that actually and memories are actually coming back along the training missions.
I think I gonna be on that alt for a while building up knowledge about the game as my 2003 toon has stuff all over the place and I have yet to figure out how to repatriate that and ships.
Lots of hauling to do but it is fun so far to be back!
I guess the most difficult part now is going to be to figure out proper fittings even though it would seem that most of the wares had back then are still usable.
Seems to me that some skills have disappeared as well as some ships but it’s hard to tell after such a long time out of the loop.

The rookie help channel is actually great with lots of people willing to share info.

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You just wait …xD

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not so much ships removed but ships revamped, nerfed, buffed etc. some hauling ships have been removed hense you don’t see why you only see a single iteron and none else. a lot of ships added

also some great hauling services out there like redfrog and push X.

some mods have been renamed as well.

What do you mean hehe?
It won’t last?

Yup I have noticed that I couldn’t operate some of my ships without first removing old gear that was fitted because I had put 2 of them for instance but now the ship will only accept 1.
I guess for the ships added you are talking about the new races that appeared in game? I haven’t yet looked into this as I have been busy doing complete newb career missions but soon enough I’ll be in the wild.
I think I remember Redfrog as I believe they’ve beem around a while and I did go on the PushX site which quite impressed me. If it is worth it and I really need to do it that way, I might end up hiring haulers but before I wanna try to assess where exactly is all my stuff and if it is really risky to do the hauling by myself.
There’s so much to remember! I actually found that my bookmarks for places were still there although I have no clue now whether they are still relevant and anyway they might point to something very different now!
And now I seem to remember some might have been linked to some techniques to get in and out from stations but I have yet to remember those mechanics…

BM’s should be in the same location, space doesn’t change much if it all, except for maybe a structure could have been dropped where you put a BM.

I personally use PushX and i never had an issue, and if they see something wrong, they are quick to get in touch to have something fixed.

your personal asset tab (Alt-T) will show all your assets, including if you have any that may be in Asset Safety.

Rookie help is the more toxic environment ever, there is 0 moderation from eve team, ppl run scams, offend ppl and deceive new players all the time. Some ppl actually help ppl witch you can consider yourself lucky xD

Thanks, it’s good to know that my BM should still be relevant and I’ll skim through them when I start to spend more time with the main. So far I have been busier with the newly created alt trying to catch up with the game mechanics!
As far as I have seen I might not need to use hauling services as most of my assets should be within reach. I’m thinking maybe to fit a Prowler to move some stuff around but I will see once I focus back on Elijah.
It seems the skill system has changed, some skills have been added, and I feel like some I had have disappeared somehow since there is stuff I had fitted here and there that I can’t use anymore because I lack the knowledge which I’m pretty sure I previously had…
But so far I really enjoy being back in the game! I just hope that EVE still have enough of a paying player base to carry on into the future :slight_smile:

Well for what I have seen so far, frankly I have to disagree with you; my experience in Rookie help has been extremely positive, with a lot of ppl willing to help and giving good advices.
I haven’t been submerged by shady offers or general trolling and have actually seen quite a few GMs and official in-game helpers (I forgot how they’re called sorry) in the channel making sure the convos stay civil and on topic.
So while I have no doubt what you are stating must have been true at times, maybe you should get back there and give a new look :wink: Also I will add that I of course don’t read all that’s going on in there as I’ve been busy running newb missions!

Feel free to mail me ingame if you got any specific questions on gameplay

Edit: welcome back

I might take you up on that offer once I switch back from the alt! :slight_smile:

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yea very recently, they changed the moon mining skills gave back some SP in exchange for them consolidating moon goo skills.

It can get toxic. I posted to ask if there was a shortcut so I can just jump along the points on my planned route without touching any other button on the keyboard. I got labelled “lazy” for wanting to do that. I’m an adult in my 40s so I can filter crap like that… But young kids, will surely get affected one way or another.

Doesn’t autopilot allow to do that? If you set waypoints and all? Once you undock, you go into autopilot and if in a quite secure place, go do stuff while the ship goes from A to B?

I don’t think that only the planetary skills have changed.
Haven’t they added some more skills in order to kind of “refine” some specific things?

i wanted to do it manually by pressing a single keyboard shortcut to avoid all the negative aspects of autopilot.

Care to refresh my memory? :wink:
I seem to remember autopilot is far from being optimal when you have campers or griefers in general but I am afraid I forgot why!

Oh btw, I am not sure this game is made for young kids.
I was in a system’s station yesterday pondering my next moves and I observed the convo in the local channel.
To make it short, if a young lad can get affected by being called “lazy” , I can’t imagine how he’ll (or she) end up after being copiously insulted and personnaly attacked with much more violent expressions…
So I would say that comparatively, the help channel is a haven of courtesy!