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Greetings all.
I’ve been floating in the Black for the past 7 years. I’m returning to Eve and it seems the game has changed quite a bit. I will be using my old account, so at least I have that going for me.

I am Minmatar (sp) and I remember flying the Tempest (sp). I also have a Marauder and a healer ship Tier III I think along with some Hybrid pirate ship that looked offset and funky. I was just shy of getting into a carrier iirc. I plan on doing the tutorial if it is offered to me. I hope it is.

Is there anything you can tell/warn/suggest to me as a returning player? I still recall “if you don’t want to loose it, then don’t fly it”. Is “In Rust We Trust” still a thing?


Adding a little more. I am looking to join a PA. They are still called that yes?
I’m what some may call “Chronologically Challenged”. I’m an old retired crusty Vet.
I’m allergic to stupidity/toxicity and “edgy” individuals.
I have Discord and prefer to use it for comms.
I have a family so I won’t be joining a hard corp group.
I’m a casual player that enjoys other games as well.
As stated earlier, I am Minmatar. so I won’t fight against them.
And no, I do not wear a Wizard hat while playing, I just feel faithful to my clan.

Small, casual PvP would be fun. And if you provide the carrier, I’ll fly it into larger engagements.
I have no problem with flying in low-sec/NS.

I look forward to hearing from interested parties. No cut-n-paste replies please. If you can’t show me the courtesy of being personal, I’ll return the sentiment by not considering.

ps I like Zombies.

And yet more editing!
I am U.S> based and CST.

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Holy Sh…
Almost all of my skills are now behind a paywall?!

Well, to be fair when you last played you wouldn’t be logging in at all again without an active subscription.

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This is true. And I’ll admit that since my last post I have already Omege’d myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m now in my hanger, looking at all the ships I forgot I had.

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Is it wrong that I’ve had some other pilot’s frozen corpse for over a decade now?

Eve’s golden rule still applies.

I wouldn’t invest heavily in any new careers. CCP is currently shaking up mining, and word on the streets is that there will be some other big changes coming to other careers as CCP tries to fix the economy and make losses more meaningful. Unfortunately, you’ve missed the feast, and now we’re in the beginnings of a famine. Anyway, be prepared to pivot if needed.

Upwell structures have asset safety, but it doesn’t work in wormholes, or if it hasn’t been fueled for over a week (which causes the structure to enter into an abandoned state). As such, you should plan ahead before going on any breaks in the future (i.e. mover your stuff into an NPC station or manually trigger asset safety).

In rust we trust is still a thing. In fact, CCP released a rusty skin line for minmatar ships.

You also might want to post something in the recruitment thread of the forums.

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You could make a free alpha clone just to go through the tutorial and career agents again.

Minmatar faction warfare might be something for you to check out.

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Na, no Problem. I still have some Scientists from the way back tutorial in the hangar and some slaves and exotic dancers, I think the are all kinda bored.

  1. i don’t know what is a PA
  2. it seems that you are searching for a corp. You should post in the following section:
    Welcome back

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