Returning after 3 years out


Deciding to return to EVE after a few years absence. Im gonna bet a s***T load of stuff has changed.
What should an old pilot do? (got a few billion isk in the wallet and a hangar full of variety of sub-capital ships)

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If old pilot asks such question, he should not return, IMHO. Do not expect community to make game interesting for you. Do it yourself, its your game…


Yeh I guess I shouldn’t if this is what the community is like these days.

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Lucky you i returned after 14 years out :slight_smile:

To a couple of million isk.

Can I have your stuff?

No seriously, you should start by reading all the updates you missed over the years, A LOT has changed, POSes are pretty much replaced by citadels (you still can use a POS but afaik all the production modules are no longer working), no off grid boosting anymore, moon mining is not passive anymore you will hae to set up a refinery at the moon which will extract a huge chunk of it and then create a belt out of that chunk, and that belt has to be mined by barges or rorquals(which are pretty OP now).


Well, no.

We have no idea who you are and what you did or what you liked before you left.

You gave us no information about yourself other than “Im old, what do?”

And now youre angry because you expected us to dictate to you on what to do and how to play the game?

Youre not new. You know what you used to do. You know what you enjoyed. You know things have changed. Why not read up on it yourself? Or better yet, why not ask about specifics?

What youre doing is the epitome of laziness and youre acting really self-entitled, as if the community should bow down to your will and offer you everything about this game.


Welcome (back) to EvE, OP.

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CCP has done a lot of changes to quite a few ships over the past few years. Probably be a good idea to check your ships, probably need to refit a few of them.

T3 Cruisers have a sub-system cargo hold added to them, also their sub-systems were changed and rigs on T3 Cruisers can be swapped out for other rigs.

The In-game browser was removed, the in-game Agent Finder was removed, The Journal was incorporated into a new in-game window called ‘The Agency’, the 2 week free trial period has been changed into free to play Alpha Clone and all paid subscriptions are called Omega Clones. Captains Quarters was removed. Every other month or two there’s some sort of new event content added to the game.

Actually a lot of stuff has happened within the past 3 years. Check out some of the Dev Blogs for more info.

Anyway, welcome back to Eve and I hope you have a long rewarding career here.

undock and shoot some stuff. that’s what I always do after a break. there’s always some shifts in the meta being away that long, but nothing’s massively changed that I can think of. Just uh make sure your overview shows everything and all that, not exactly sure if any new ship types are around since then.

Make a full skill que for what you wanna do, sell off everything you can, obviously except the stuff you want to keep for what you wanna do, buy all the skill injectors you can, inject :slight_smile:

have fun

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