Returning player - YEARS ago

So I have an issue and would like some advice from New Eden.

Issue: I have not played “really” since November of 2014. I have a loss on my killboard from April of 2016 to an npc in wormhole when I tried getting back into eve for like 3 days. I felt I would be so out of touch with the game that I should not play my “main” because people would judge me on a lack of knowledge that a 100mil char from back in the day should have but I just am so utterly rusty at everything. Like all these citadels, abyssals, tons of ships I have no idea about, hell even ghost sites are news to me despite coming out I think right around when I left I think?? (I just never messed with ghost sites and I’m too just whatever to look up when they came out).

It legit took me 30 minutes to remember how to make a rolling quick safe between celestials in low sec cuz I was too stubborn to look it up on google. F M L

So I made this account and started playing, and have been enjoying myself for less than 2 weeks. Plan was to do the whole Amarr is the true race thing and be all about that faction warfare life and enslaving the evil scum that is Minmatar. Combat skills sucked, so was doing exploration in low sec in npc null for initial funds. That being said, everything feels “newish” and training up skills and planning everything was fun…however…I’m really starting to feel bottlenecked at how limited at EVERYTHING a new char is. Basically the “newness” is getting old very fast by not being able to do…anything.

My main from back in the day has about 108mil sp heavily focused in combat, and has a dedicated alt that is support/industry/■■■■ I didn’t want to train on the main with about 80mil sp.

Should I start playing my old 2 accounts again and turn this account into maybe a trade account? I feel the eve itch coming back into me. Will people judge me based on how old my char is?

Thank you for your time and opinions.

Fly dangerously out there broskis o7

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Play the 2 vet chars and dont give a rats ass about what anyone says. The rust will come off quick and you will have the skills etc to actualy do things.


I’d use the older chars. Able to do more.

People come back all the time. I’ve only been back for about a year since 13-14 myself.

It took a while to knock the rust off for sure!

Yep, mine was a 10 year break. Came right back to the old toon.

Caring what people think is what Hitler did

Go back to the old charachters.

No one is going to assume 100m SP is going to automatically mean you remember stuff. Just talk to people, be honest.

In my experience most people will enjoy the feeling that they helped someone out with a bit of advice and conversely most everyone hates someone who acts like they know everything and makes a dick of themselves by proving they are more numpty than know-all. In my last corp there was a returning player that liked to let everyone know he was a veteran and didn’t need any of the advice offered when he didn’t know how to do basic stuff. He then immediately went out and lost expensive ships in stupid ways that we tried to warn him about.

Basically don’t be that guy, ask for help.

100m SP is a significant amount and you will be glad of it when you aren’t waiting 6 months to train into that one thing you wanted to fly.

Very true, I think I will go back to my old chars. Thanks to the group for the input. Confession, I resubbed them about 2 hours ago :wink:

I feel that struggle. Best thing to do is to dive back in! Nobody knows everything about the game, pick a niche and learn it well, and then flood that killboard with events that mean something to you. Some of my deaths are things that I’m very proud of, and some of the kills that seem trivial have context that make them priceless to me and nobody else. Don’t be scared by the killboards, go make some crazy memories. :smiley:

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