Been gone a LONG time - Am I a n00b?

I think I last logged in sometime in 2014. No, not a ragequit, just a change in interests and lifestyle that left no time for EVE. Things are easing up, and all of a sudden I have time and space - and motivation! A long time friend has finally recognized that Internet Spaceships are Serious Business.

I must find him. And Gank him. Really. He needs to be shown the true nature of EVE. :japanese_ogre:

BUT - I’ve been gone a long tmie. Things have changed. BattleClinic (and my saved builds) is gone. My primary Alts (this is NOT my primary in-EVE face!) are mostly ‘out of pod’ in strange palces. My old corpies are all gone, but I find that I’m still in the Corp - Which is now populated by different, but inactive, players.

So - Should I biomass a placeholder Alt, and re-run the tutorials and stuff? Or do I try to pick up pieces and figure it out as I go with a main Alt?

Thank you for your input (even if it’s as salty as I expect some of it will be! - Maybe even ESPECIALLY so - This is EVE, after all. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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If you want to try the tutorials and stuff, don’t biomass an alt, just make a new alpha account for free and make a new character there. Now you have a perfect no strings attached little character that can train in parallel with your account and be used to try whatever. Maybe FW without destroying your actual character’s standings. That’s probably a fairly good way to get into pvp. Or, since you seem to like the ganking side of things, join some ganker/merc/wardec corp.

Given the amount of time you haven’t played for, you probably are a n00b again, but presumably you’ll catch up faster than the average new player. I’d start small-ish (ex.: L2 in a cruiser) and go from there. Many things may have changed since 2014, so fits that worked then may not work, especially if they required some player skill that you likely don’t have anymore.


OK, excellent - thank you.

I will need to read up on this “Alpha Account” business - That’s one of the many New Things. Your advice makes good sense - After all, I’ve made a practice of keeping my Mains seperate from my Formus / Social Media presence, so a ‘training’ account makes sense.

I was, honestly, pretty small time before - abit of this, a bit of that. Some WH lifestyle, some ganking, a bit of industrial work - Going the whole n00b route makes sense, maybe explore life in a really active Corp for a change.


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I advice you to put somebody’s Twitch stream on in the background. They tend to be quite informative. People mentioning things that you may have missed, or never thought of before.

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Ah! Now that’s an interesing out-of-the-box idea.

I’d always watched Twitch for entertainment, rather than as a training resource. Clearly, I’ve missed a bet there.

I feel like you misunderstood me a bit: I suggest the alpha account for trying out the NPE and career agent missions, for example, with a new character and nothing to lose. And then for trying “risky” stuff that you don’t want to associate your main with, like FW or ganking.

As far as joining a corp, going in a WH and industry, your main, especially if that account is omega, would be a better character to use. Just don’t immediately get into your shiniest ship and jump in a wormhole or L4, do things progressively. (and probably at least after doing the NPE + some career missions on the alpha to get you oriented again)

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OK, I think see. Thank you.

Basically, ‘try before you buy’ with the Alpha, maybe do some crazy things - Do I have that right?

Yes, and crawl before you walk, walk before you run. “Only fly what you can afford to lose” and all that.

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All good rules, and always worth repeating. :slight_smile:

Somewhat related question:
If you were flying something you no long have skills for, and find yourself ‘out of pod’ - what happens to the ship you were flying? Somethere out there is a Dreadnaught and a Carrier, both absent pilots.

(Yes, my ‘small time’ account had those skills. As a crazy lark, my corp built a pair of capitals in an L1 WH. Because Reasons.)

If you’re in the ship when you log off in space, they disappear with you.

If you are an alpha in a big ship in space and can’t access the skills(like large guns and such) to use the equipment on the ship, you can still control and warp the ship.

When I came back to eve as an alpha after a 3 year break, I was in a hulk with 3 strip miners and all my equipment saying that I don’t have the skills. But I could warp it and jump it to a station

Ah. OK, I hope the Capital Hnager is still where I left it - And that someone in the Corp remembered to fuel the tower. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

Yeah, been gone like maybe 5 years, maybe 4 lost track so long I cannot even remember what email or password I was using at that time. Just made new character, seems easy now character skill wise now…

But so much to the game, do deep, hard to remember what you really need to know, or where you need to be. Lots of study time for this game, which is why we play it.

I clearly had a plan. If only I could remember what it was…?

Whattta mess - Gear and ships EVERYWHERE. I even came back to a moderately low Security Status - I’d forgotten to look for that until I stumbled across a stack of GankCats in a hanger scores of hops away… I’d forgotten that I had been a naughty boy… :stuck_out_tongue:

~ Plastic

Lol same here. I took a 3 year break when my cheap second hand laptop died.

Came back back and I had know clue how I had my PI set up and what I was making and what I needed to transfer from one planet to another to get it running, took me a week to get it running again.

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