Don't expect any new or returning players to stay for more than 10 days

After a couple of years long break, i decided to come back to play the game on a new account,
you know fresh start and previous account was stuck in nullsec within a war etc.

Relearned everything, the new player rewards were okay, except for the joke amounts of isks it gives but the skill points are cool.

I was mostly an explorer guy, so when i first came back hooked myself up with a magnate and started cruising around. Started in low sec, jumped into a wormhole through another, wormhole, going to null, etc.
With the highest possible skillpoints you can get for hacking and starter money at hand,
The First problem is, in order to get the good loot, you require a sick amount of luck, within the hacking game. I’d say fine to this if it wasn’t for the second problem;
Second problem is, low sec is worthless, null is being scoured by corp members constantly bumping to each other on top of gate camps and in wormholes, i could come across asteros and stratios guys at the same damn system. I’m not even counting the endless amounts of guys gatecamping and chasing me around in low sec but hey, that’s kinda what i like about eve when i’m not frustrated.
Okay, i’m supposed to pay money like the good ol times. But now i have to pay money just to be able to wait for my skills to train up. I HAVE TO PAY MONEY, TO WAIT.

So in order to be efficient, i decided to stick with alpha until i get the cruiser blueprint, collect some ores, and in the meantime create a second character to do some region trading with the little scratch i made from exploration.
Firstly, finding a decent place to sell or buy stuff at reasonable prices is a pain, i’ve wandered almost the entirety of high sec systems. Most of the known minor trade hubs are filled with billionaires apparently, because even on the silliest thing possible, some guy placed an order for like 100k volume. On top of that, player made stations are cutting into my orders as well, even if i would find an item with good margins and sell it in an NPC station, the buyer just buys it from that player owned base, even at a higher price. So screw trading, just build the damn cruiser.

Hop into the venture, go into a regular belt, start mining. I’m not even afk, and whoops, trigarian whatevers warp in, i immediatly select a station, and just as i click to warp, the ventures already gone.
That trigarian expansion and abyssal space content seems nice, too bad i can’t try it out because from what i’ve read, a solo T2 cruiser is hardly capable of handling the easiest sites. To fly a T2 cruiser properly, you’d need to wait for a month, including the T2 weapons skills, maybe shield or armor skills etc. So, that would be paying 2 months up front, first of which is pretty much wasted again, BY WAITING.
As for the expansion itself, yes it is nice, but why put goddamn gatecamping NPC’s now? NPC’s that kills any frigate within 3-4 seconds none the less? I know the game is supposed to be unforgiving and all but give me a f’ing break, i’m somewhat experienced so i know how to avoid them, but a new player would just quit and never look back after getting killed by that type of hardcore npc.

Explo won’t make you money, trading won’t make you money, mining won’t make you money. Ratting? Well, try using a destroyer without the skills, or wait for a whole damn week, maybe then you could make enough money to buy the cruiser after another week of grinding because screw you alpha scrub, you don’t get the skills to do jack.

10 days in and i’m already sick of this game, as a returning player no less.

When this game was running as a monthly sub game, it made sense, without restrictions you can get up to speed with a couple of days of training while learning the ropes. But now the alpha is so restricted, it doesn’t allow you to do jack and it appears like i have to pay to f’ing wait and then i can play the game proper.

I know alpha was also limited to cruisers, recently it was bumped up to battleships etc. That is not the problem, the problem is the painfully slow training time on top of the starter money bottleneck, on top of extreme levels of competition. There already is a skill ceiling, why have the training time halved by 2x as well?? Even just the training time by itself would solve most problems.

Sorry for the long post, i guess i’m too heartbroken to see a game in such ruins after taking a long break, to never return again.

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dont need to be sry dude
i love long posts :smiley:
btw …can i have your stuff ?


Wow :smiley:

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Sorry EVE isn’t easier for you…try a SP game…

:wave: bye-bye


Welcome back to the game, @Ben_Denson, and sorry to hear you’re not having too much of a smooth ride.

So as I’m reading your post, I keep thinking to myself “this is not the best way too approach the game”. In terms of simultaneously having fun and making ISK, your choice of activities is poor and/or the way in which you go about doing the activities is poorly executed. The absolute best advice I can give you, without writing a novel as I am prone to doing, is to find a good corp to mentor you and get you involved in fleet activities that are newbie/low-skill friendly. Through knowledge and experience you will become aware of better ways to simultaneously have fun and make money.

If by chance you would be interested in mission running, that is one of the absolute best activities an EVE newbie can do to learn and enjoy the game while scoring ISK/loot and letting their skill train, and if you would like to be paid to run missions you were planning on running anyway, I’m the Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA], and my group is hiring mission runners - we do hire newbies (and train/supply them if necessary), so if you’d be interested in discussing what we can offer you, kindly join the USIA Discord server and we’ll discuss there.


i take it somes upset they cant line up a year of skills and quit their sub now…

yes ccp would like their money, honestly they should have never given alphas past cruiser much less exist at all, even now on my alpha i can make 1b a day doing stupid stuff and call it good.


Gripe gripe gripe.

Any game worth playing is challenging.



Even a properly tanked Venture can easily warp away from Trigs before they can even lock you, or at most get a hit or two on you. IF you are paying attention…

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Dude, i have no skills put on navigation, so IF you pay attention to crap align, warp and accelerations, no, you can’t easily warp away.

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I’m assuming you’re not SP capped yet so the obvious point would be to say…

Also, you really should answer @Archer_en_Tilavine as he kindly made the best point/offer here…

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So train nav and maneuvering skills. Problem solved…

Except, i can’t mine, period.
I’ve replied to @Archer_en_Tilavine, how would i not reply to such kind messages.

As for the other posts, I now know why i was getting creepy Black Desert vibes from this game and forum; CCP was bought by Pearl Abyss. Somehow salty fanboys came with the package as well.
Welp, let’s make the best of this game while you can, PA knows how to turn everything into pay-to-win korean grindfest schlock.

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It’s amazing how you literally take zero responsibility for your own issues and just blame everything else AND then resort to name calling and attacking the Devs/game…

The victimization is strong in you…


Eve is not the game for you. Goodbye.


@Ben_Denson you’ve made a friend today and with more waiting to meet you. There’s no need to count the number of antagonists of which there is no shortage. Remember the old adage: “if you keep feeding the trolls, they’ll never leave”. Perhaps it would be best not to respond to this thread any further. :sweat_smile:

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Hey, i’m putting out constructive criticism by pointing out the negative experiences i’ve had, as a returning player. So, i don’t have any responsibility to enjoy the game, if i can’t enjoy it, i can’t, i’m putting out my feelings so CCP can take it or leave it, they are the ones responsible for it.
I’m even doing a favor to CCP by posting, yet fanboys are determined to convince me further to stay away from here.
I’m waiting for my final nail to the coffin, come at me mods, lock this topic!

So you came back to farm and had a rough time.
You should have stayed in nullsec where it’s safest to do that. The krabs won Eve.
Now go line up.

I would hardly call this constructive criticism… you are pretty much just ranting and the thread title goes hand in hand with that assumption.

Also the OP is full of misconceptions and from your description a lot of you problems can be reduced to “user error”.

If instead of ranting you would have simply asked questions to get solutions to your problems the responses most likely would have been a lot more helpful as well.

And then doubling down and calling people “salty fanboys”, while you are the one ranting here, is not really going to help your case as well.


I’m sorry, 14 days on EVE here and I feel it’s just like a half first step to an infinite amazing journey. I’ll stay here more than 10 days more for sure :slight_smile:


User error, thats funny.
Relate these problems to “user error” or solve them;

  • Too many explorers everywhere, can’t compete, expecially against T2 guys.
  • Mining on anomalies: Orcas and retrievers scoop them up constantly. Mining on regular asteroid belts requires me to warp away, jump in a cruiser i don’t have and can’t even fly and kill 5 trig frigates.
  • Ratting, too little pay off, let alone the extremely long time and effort it takes with a half trained destroyer. Not fun at all.
  • To solve all above problems, i have to wait like 15 days, not able to do anything but wait. Or i can pay up real money, just to wait 7 days, effectively paying money to wait 7 days, then enjoy the game.

An user error, by the way, would be something like dipping my cellphone into water, with intent. In this case, i have to delete a .dll file from the game folder. Learn your vocabulary please.