Your thoughts on new Alpha skills?

I am personally very excited to find out what skills I will soon be able to use. what are your thoughts on what skills alphas will possible get? maybe we will be able to use better mining ships and drones. possibly the ability to use cloaks or deploy bigger structures than mobile depots. discuss below

They’ve already stated what Alphas are getting.

  • All factions
  • Up to medium T2 weapons
  • T1 large weapons
  • Up to battleships

Right now the debate is really “is giving them Pirate ships too much?” Not so much what else can we give them. But I can promise you Alphas will never see cloaks or cynos. Mining barges maybe… but I doubt it. Same goes with the ability to anchor structures. Some things need to be locked away behind Omega just to give incentive to upgrade.

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I think it’s a very good idea from CCP. Once they get up to 20m SP they will have a good grasp of the game, and they will have to pay in sub or injector to get above 5m to 20m (about 8-9 months if they’re lucky playtime).

So they then get to play free but they’ve paid already, and hopefully more people stick around.

I think the more interesting thing is that older players will return and play free to play more often with the higher skill cap.

I hope it works CCP. I’ll be keeping Omega on at least one account.


Access to BCs and T2 guns is fine, but BSs and pirate ships? Thats a bit too much IMO. It will make Alphas really good at farming ISK.
Im surprised that CCP gives them that many skills. In the past, everytime someone asked for more ships and skills for Alphas the response was like: “The economy! Think of the economy! Alphas will destroy it if we give the more skills.”

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“Meh, whatever.”

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I wonder if it means the skills include ability to use faction heavy drones and t2 rapid heavy missile launchers.

agreed, they were even talking about limiting omega because of how they were balancing alpha saying omega should be the same. the omega balance has since been deleted. they were screaming about balance on both sides and now we get this. Soon alphas will be able to multibox.

Rapid heavy launchers fall Battleships level weapons so nope.
Heavy drones maybe, I can’t remember them saying drones or not. I imagine yes for heavies and sentries, but it would be T1/faction if it followed the model they’re using for the other systems.

Which is creating a bit more angst, because it opens up the possibility of afk VNI ratting and other forms of higher isk generation. So unless they actively monitor alphas for multiboxing this could easily lead to a huge problem. Like I said in my initial post, the debate is are they giving too much power all at once. As it seems little consideration is being given to the backlash they will receive if they later try to dial it back once Alphas have gotten used to having these new skills/hulls/modules available to them.

Thankfully they aren’t being given mining barges, that would be a nightmare for the game.


Why? Alphas cant multibox and most of the minerals come from Rorqual mining anyway.
The Rorquals in a single nullsec region mine like 3 times more than all of high sec combined even though most EVE players live in highsec.

Correct, they can’t, but give them that power and they will surely be up to no good.

Alphas in my eyes have always been a case of “I am playing the game for free and eventually can play as Omega without even subbing once, BUT I WANT MORE”

And what I mean by no good is to try and multibox for their benefit because of that issue, either through different computers or simulating one.

Havent your read the 1st post? Alphas will get more. A lot more.
Smartbombing BS, Gilas, Machariels, Rattlesnakes, … they will get many good tools for ISK farming.
That seems to bother no one.
But access to mining barges … OMG NO IT WILL DESTROY THE GAME.


To do those with combat ships they at least have to work and pay attention considering (last I heard) they are not getting T2 modules past a certain ship size, with mining barges you can just make as many accounts and multibox to your hearts content if CCP is not paying attention to their own rules.

Didn’t read my post did you? lol That’s exactly one of the main concerns.

No you can’t without some fancy tools of your own. You cannot log an alpha account in when you have another account running, be it alpha or omega.

To do so, you would have to have software to create virtual machines or have multiple machines active. It is also against the EULA. So basically you are saying people would pay for PCs and or the necessary software to run multiple alpha accounts… Seems like a lot of money spent for limited gain.

If you’re paying for a VM I’ve got some prime swampland I can sell you too.

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I did reference that on my previous post. They either have a different pc that they might have sitting there, be it laptop or pc, or simulate them.

It’s good. I always thought alphas were too restrictive.
Being able to change factions and train everything is a cornerstone of the game.
The racial lock was outright foolish. It’s nice to seem them addressing the mistake.

And having a t1 barge isn’t going to break any aspect of the game. There was no reason to lock alphas to frigates and take away mining drones. T1 mining drones don’t do jack as is and is the most puzzling alpha restriction and it’s not debatable. And alphas only having frigates means they don’t get a taste of semi-proficient mining that barges offer.
The alphas that gets a procurer and can mine and not feel like a duck or covetor and see it’s better than a sink venture is more likely to want to invest in getting a hulk/porpoise and going down the industry line than a guy that’s just perpetually stuck with a venture and has no frame of reference on whether barges are even worth it.

Where is that debate? Forums and Reddit seems quiet.

But will alphas use medium or heavy drones?