Alpha Skills - Illogical once again

Exactly as i or anyone else could have pointed out last November. Can fly up to cruisers. Can’t use T2 variants of anything - most importantly T2 weapons. Even for Frigates last year that was beyond silly. Now Alphas have access to Battleships. And no T2 weapons.

And even on smaller tier ships, say you rely on a shield boost amp. Want a T2? Not gonna happen. It really makes no logical sense. I could see if it was a game changer of some sort. But it’s little more than an arbitrary module in this case which is a tool to use on a ship if your fit suits it.

Not being able to use any tier of module for the ship class you’re able to fly is one giant question mark.

If there’s anything that can even remotely change the course of the game some way - it’s allowing anything Nullsec related to Alphas. Dictors, Stealth Bombers. Tactical Destroyers, i suppose are debatable but i could see it since they’re such contenders for PvP.

Really think about this for a second. Alphas now have access to PIRATE FACTION SHIPS. Those ships are essentially neutered and more or less useless if not fit with more potent modules. And even the supplementary skills to finesse performance are out of the equation. Limiting cap skills and basic fitting skills.

If it were up to me? I say neuter from here and just keep alphas where they were. Or very close to it. You can literally acquire a faction module with LOWER skill requirements which performs BETTER. Or? Down to the basic basics; limit all things Nullsec. Plain, simple. You want to experience the “sandbox” of self-sufficiency? Go Omega.

nonsense. go faction/deadspace/officer fits, they will out perform t2 in most ways which is why they cost more, and I think theres faction ammo that’s pretty close to t2, I know drones have the same damage but with better tracking than t2 from what I was told.

Drones are a case of faction having better tank and tracking, but T2 will out damage faction especially once the specialization training has a few ranks in it.

And since Alphas get T2 lights and mediums, they only forced instance of going faction is heavies. Where they can take naval heavies or Geckos if they care to put in the time to get two BS skill lines up to four and use a Rattlesnake to get the most out of it.


Yeah… i was about to say… Faction err… Hehe. Faction does NOT outperform T2. AHAHAHA. I think everyone knows Faction turrets are balls expensive because they’re extremely rare.


Almost forgot. Alphas also have T2 drones.

No problem there then. I imagine you’d like T2 weapons for free, but there has to be something to encourage people to sub.

It’d be quite the silly thing to encourage people to sub. Logically. I see people being taken in by the “sandbox” as CCP like to call it. AKA, the self-sufficiency that nullsec life gives you. And of course, Nullsec is an entirely different ballgame. Stealth Bombers. Dictors. All that stuff. Locking that to Omegas seems like the right kind of incentive to sub, if anything. Giving players something that can’t be used to its full potential. That’s entirely different. And backfires. It acts like more of a frustration if anything. People are going to finally get their shiny new Battleship. And fit it with guns. And then eventually make enough money for better guns. Then they realize they can’t use them.

It would be far smarter to open up every skill that’s currently available for Alphas completely. And if they’re really into it and have the time to invest in it, those Alphas can go sub and live the Nullsec life. Get a Stealthbomber. Lay down some Dictor bubbles. Get a glorious 0.0 Belt Ratting Carrier. The actual scope of the game in terms of progression and available assets is still staggeringly far past what Alphas have.

What do you mean “make money for better guns”? T2 guns are cheaper than the best meta ones generally and the ones they actually have to save up for (Deadspace / Faction) can be used with T1 skills.

Better modules. It doesn’t matter. And whether or not anything is cheaper is never a fact.

Yeah it does. You’re annoyed that ONE variety of each turret (that isn’t even the best) is locked out to Alphas. They can still use turrets both better and worse… so…

It doesn’t matter what it is. I merely used turrets as an example. It can be any module which is T2 and locked out.

I get what you’re saying, I just don’t think it would result in more subs. There are more people who don’t care about Nulsec than people who do, according to CCP a few years back. Your proposition that the allure of nulsec life is enough to make people sub is just not based on any fact at all other than your opinion that nulsec is the best area to be. Nulsec is good for grinding, fleet fighting and TiDi, and even though people come to EvE having heard about giant fleet fights a huge number of people find them incredibly boring once actually in game.

What i’m saying is there has to be a module / meta based paywall or nobody is really going to sub. Nulsec is not the majority of players, despite how it would be if Hisec were designed better.

A huge number of people find the game boring period. Because, well. It is. There’s next to no content and who the hell is going to pay a sub for Hisec life? I don’t favor Nullsec. I actually lived there with an alt and don’t care for it. People are always assuming. It’s hilarious. I only look at everything from a creative perspective. I just analyze. The “sandbox” that CCP first started referring to in EVE is, in a nutshell, Nullsec. Self-sufficiency and full freedom is there. Hisec provides restrictions. There’s the only real difference. A paywall based off of specific module tiers that require a mere skillup to use? Hell no. No way is that EVER going to make people sub. People will only sub if they’re the niche type that like the idea of a “sandbox” experience that’s based on full self-sufficiency.

CCP don’t have a prayer of competing with any emerging or developing games such as Star Citizen. Even Elite: Dangerous is going to get its “Space Legs” update which allows you to actually BE the character you created. I will bet anything that CCP know this and that from this point on: they have two options : Make the game Free to Play (which they have started) or actually start developing this game which has next to no content. And if you’re going to say “well, the players make the content”… please save yourself AND ME the time, dude. People playing this game (again, especially in Nullsec) are ultimately relying on a simple, simple byproduct of online interactions. That’s it. And if ANYONE is delusional enough to think this game has a prayer of standing up to the competition in the coming years, i guess the term “Ignorance is bliss” was made with those types of people in mind. But actually… those people do exist. They’re called fanboys. And they aren’t gamers. Because they don’t have any credibility to call themselves gamers.

EVE Online exudes Free to Play. The moment you pop up a a conversation window (just saying that puts a grin on my face) with an Agent for a mission. They decided to do this because this game is in a position of fight or flight. I sincerely hope they actually start developing the game and make it as dynamic of an experience as possible. Because “subbing” for EVE is like paying a monthly subscription for Kool-Aid.

Seriously, man. :joy: Take a look around you.

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Loads of people already do so…

It already is. There have been plenty of accounts of people excited having subbed and unlocked new modules.

Elite is even more of a grindfest than EvE and has none of the depth. Star Citizen might be good but it isn’t yet or for a long time yet.

I mean, there were people saying that back before WoW came out about EvE. You sound a bit like them but even more stupid since you have 14 years of success to base your opinion on :smile:

As if “Gamer” requires credibility. Pretty sure we all lived with our parents and didn’t have jobs at some point so I guess we’re all “gamers” at heart. Or do you think being a “Gamer” is a cool title that requires effort aside from not washing and owning a Playstation?

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You’re just pulling at straws at this point. We’re clearly talking about new people paying for the game. You’re talking about the people who have been more or less paying since they started playing years ago. Blanket statement perfected.

You pointed out an instance of a person paying to play. Cool story. People aren’t doing this left, right and centre. That would be the point here. Um… Blanket Statement #2?

Saying anything is more of a grindfest than EVE is a moot point, because grinding is still grinding at the end of the day. And you literally just admitted that the game is barren and devoid of content. I love how you used the word “grindfest” too. That’s awesome. :joy: “Yeah, it’s pretty much garbage, also”.

WoW is a fantasy MMO. EVE is Sci-Fi and space. Who’s stupid? :joy: And 14 years? You coming up with arbitrary numbers somehow? You sound confused. Then again, you put WoW and EVE in the same sentence. After i was comparing games that act as competition to EVE. :joy:

Well… you see. When you work in a creative field and you take in everything from a creative perspective and have developed a lot of analytical skills. Yeah. Considering yourself a gamer with credibility is very real. There’s a day and night difference between fanboys and gamers. People who are delusional, defend a game and take in their entertainment like an IV drip, like you (case and point, where this thread has gone). Or people who actually want things to become the best they possibly can be. People who are passionate and want to see things through. Just like how calling yourself a huge movie fan is very real. You’ve got credibility! But wait? You never saw the Shawshank Redemption? Or how about The Matrix? Terminator 2: Judgement Day? Or perhaps something with some pedigree to it like Citizen Kane? NO!? Oh, my… That makes a lot of sense.

Closeted fanboy, SPOTTED! If it wasn’t obvious enough! :joy:

That’s not the case.

CCP posted record profits last year.

I don’t grind. Unless you count player to player extortion. Anyone who does grind is being basic and missing out on the real opportunities. Just because people like you grind, does not mean people of caliber will also do the same.

EvE came out in 2003, 14 years ago.

Well you quite obviously.

Being a “Sandwich Artist” at Subway does not qualify you to give me trite feedback, and the rest of your post makes you sound like a frenzied millennial swatting at the keyboard in the hopes that he will accidentally land upon good input.


Yyyyyeah, it is. You made a baseless blanket statement. :joy: AGAIN! :rofl:

Nah… You’re just pulling at straws, dude. You don’t know what to say. :rofl: And it’s just mint. You were telling me how you saw some dork in-game get excited over unlocked modules after going Omega. That’s it. :grin:

OOOOOOOOOOH, COME ON! Don’t be that guy! You just pretended not to know what was said earlier. Who said anything about you or me grinding personally? I pointed out the game had no content. You followed up by basically confirming “YEAH, Elite’s basically just as grindy - if not more, than EVE”. Now you’re just taking shots in the dark. I love it. :joy:

You kept talking in bumper stickers and made another blanket statement of “success”, though. You’re just another fanboy with a mangina and feelings of personal affection and attachment to a game you blindly follow. You’ve literally said nothing this entire time.

Dude. Are you aware of what you did? You generated a lot of irony and just made yourself look like a total fanboy with a mangina. You literally got offended and used peronal insults. :joy: Because i started ripping on your game! :rofl: When there was no ill intent on my part. It always starts out like this. Say something logical. Say something people don’t want to hear. Then the mangina gets angry because someone said something they didn’t like because simple logic, observation was used through a credible gamer.

Come on. Keep going. :joy: We might get back to the topic… at some point! :laughing:

You sound like these guys that get something for free and are still complaining.
“Here is one million dollar for you for free” “Blehh, only one? What should i do with only one…”

And i am playing in high sec and i did pay for omega because of this alpha change. So you are wrong if you say “no one will do it”.
Why did i do it? Because it is really great to train skills that you can still use after you stop to pay. I am not forced to pay all the time just to being able to play or do something. The old Alpha skills were really a bit limited. But this change is great. For everyone who is casual and only playing from time to time.

Just because YOU don’t like it, don’t make it bad and say no one will like it. There are more than enough who will profit from it and use it.

You’re really trying. Your rants make you look so stupid nobody has to point it out anymore. The real comedy is watching you try to turn your own misunderstanding into a win :blush:

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I flew Gilas without T2 weapons and drones for a long time. You really don’t need them. I still haven’t trained my Cruisers skills to V

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