Alpha navigation skills

Hello my name is Drx Drx and im a alpha solo pvp’er.

I would like to propose rebalancing of alpha restrictions on navigations skills.

Acceleration Control - 5
Afterburner - 4
Cynosural Field Theory - 0
Evasive Maneuvering - 4
Fuel Conservation - 4
High Speed Maneuvering - 4
Jump Drive Calibration - 0
Jump Drive Operation - 0
Jump Fuel Conservation - 0
Jump Portal Generation - 0
Micro Jump Drive Operation - 1
Navigation - 5
Warp Drive Operation - 3

Raising Acceleration Control and Navigation will give alphas the same potencial base speed as an omega, without implants and drugs. Limits on T2 modules can be achieved through rebalance of requirements although i see no reason not to allow frigate size T2 propulsion modules.

The reason is simple, im ok with alphas not being able to hit as hard or to tank as much but we should at least have the option to outrun our enemies.

Nope. Help the developers fund their game and actually bring enough money for their families instead of asking for more free stuff.


I think i have given them more money then you did.

If you have reservations because i did not foresee potential implications then please share them.

And yet I’ve never asked for free stuff during the time I was still dicking around highsec in a Venture without spending a dime on the game. As an Alpha, EVE Online has never been so opened to you, stop asking for more and do like everyone that is a minimum interested in the game did : help it develop even further.

Or grind for 500 PLEX with your Alpha state. That’s also something possible.

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I have multiple accounts, some have a sub and some dont need it, like this one, because faction warfare is mostly frigs and dessies.

Then there’s no problem, if you want max speed use your subscribed accounts.

Problem solved, Inb4 lock.


I dont want max speed, alphas cant have max speed because we dont have access to t2 implants. I want the same base speed.

Oh, and while they are at it, at least porpoises and possibly orca’s should also be like totally alpha. Ya know, people would still be incentivised to buy omega for Rorquals.

Even if they make everything available for alpha, somehow the bill has to be paid. Be careful for what you ask for as you just might get it.


That would be a valid point if it were not for the fact that alphas can fit full t2 gila

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Then why you did that topic? Fit your T2 Gila, do few hisec DED sites, plex it and train your navigation skills.

Now alphas can do enough isk for sub in few days and you still want more? Even before changes I plexed many alphas before they where 30 days old where gnosis was biggest ship they can fly.

Let CCP make money and don’t ruing game more.


Stop right there criminal scum !

If you want Omega benefits, and you enjoy playing the game, then subscribe.

Otherwise just giddyup, or make friends ingame.

Alphas already have it pretty good as it is.


No, go away.


Why not?

Because Omega players need reasons to pay. If you make this reason too small there will be no Omega players to support the game.


And since even them are going increasingly rare nowadays …

Oh, and people wanting more free ■■■■ and safer space to use said free stuff in …

Cuz Im so casual, cuz i got more RL responsibilities than you fat nerdz, you know …


Like i said that agrument goes out the window when we consider they can fit t2 tank and t2 dps.

Besides all i am proposing is giving them frig size t2 prop

Because speed is the most important factor in eve pvp, speed means control

You have all the benefits of an omega, except that one.

Deal with it or get other alpha friends.

Or subscribe your account.

That is not the only benefit of omega

Then subscribe.

It’s like, if you join any sportclub for a year, and you pay almost about the equivalent with a yearly sub.

So you don’t want to pay ?

Then adapt with what you’re willing to put in.

why fuel conservation 4? Alpha vnis are already op, they sacrifice tank because they can’t train fuel conservation. Giving this would make them even harder to kill

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