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After the recent changes to ALPHA clones I decided to take up the game again. I think it was a good move to lift some restrictions so that alpha clones can take part and be effective. I found this was the case for I could squeeze out some good pvp fights with the current alpha clone restrictions.

One nagging thing that bothers me is that alpha clones cant use certain skills. Even if they have been trained. They’ll just be disabled. This , mentally, is very frustrating.

My suggestion:
Alpha clones current trainable SP can stay the same, maybe move up to the current alpha SP capacity. Any skills SP injected or trained through a omega must stay available when switching back to a alpha clone. This will make it feel like more of an investment when buying omega or putting in the leg work.
Basically just remove the skill book restrictions(Maybe not all of them :fearful: ).

Shifting more attention to cosmetic’s and “niche” futures like flags, spikes, you know, pimp out my spaceship type of s**t. Along with omega subs and plex sales it might turn out to be a profitable scenario but that’s for CCP’s accountants to figure out.

Give ‘em an inch, amirite


Let me get this straight. You want to “buy” skills once, and be able to use them indefinitely for free. Meaning that every single player who is happy with their current skill set could stop paying for a subscription, and carry on using all of their skills. It wouldn’t take long for CCP’s accountants to figure out that this is an utterly ridiculous idea and financial suicide for the company.

Not only that but you want to train right up to 20 mil SP for free.

No. Just NO.

You’re falling for one major misconception that is very common. When you buy Omega time you are not buying skills. You are buying one month’s worth of access to the premium features of a gaming service. When that time runs out you are still able to use the non-premium features for free. If you don’t like the non-premium features then you are completely free to stop playing, or to buy more Omega time.


‘Not only that but you want to train right up to 20 mil SP for free.’ twas just a thought :smiley:

Skills take long to train, even for an omega. It takes a good couple of years to train all the skills in EVE, hell I’m only at ~30mill SP and I’ve bought over $100 subscription. So for instance it took me 6 months,roughly, to gain 30mill SP. It would take an alpha 12 months!

It takes an alpha double the time that it would take an omega to train skills. Already that is a good reason to buy ‘omega’ time. Adding ‘niche’ futures to omega will just sweeten the deal.

Yes a lot of players would just stay alpha if my suggestion was true but it will also assure a lot of people will keep playing the game. It would also bring back old players that have trained the skills and have invested the time and money already.

‘If you don’t like the non-premium features then you are completely free to stop playing, or to buy more Omega time.’ - I’ve stopped playing because of the skill-book restrictions(LIES). I have already invested money into Eve, and would again if I felt like what I’m paying for I can keep.

When Eve was subscription only, that feeling was what drove me to stop playing. I said the only way I’ll play Eve again if it becomes f2p. Lo and behold it became f2p, but with these restrictions you must see that players are still limited to what they can achieve.

To further my character I will HAVE to buy omega, which I’m 100% fine with but allow me to keep those skills I have invested in.

For instance here’s another way they could achieve this. Alpha clones cannot inject ‘omega’ skill books but can still use omega skills if already trained. This can also be another reason to invest in omega. An alpha will still not be able to train those skills because of the alpha SP cap limit so they will have to focus on injecting which takes a lot of isk. A lot of players including myself would rather just opt for a months subscription to achieve this and spend our hard earned isk on ships(that we’d be able to fly in alpha too).

There are good example’s of f2p games that have used cosmetics and ‘niche’ futures to keep a income. Path of exile for instance, even tho its free I have invested a good amount of money just for nice to have things like stash tabs and awesome looking cosmetics and they just keep adding new content that amazes the player base. Warframe is another example. These games have a player-base over double the size of Eve, completely free 2 play with minimal restrictions.

I made this post because I still find Eve special and near to my hart. I don’t think Eve will die but I do not expect it to grow either with these restrictions. And what we truly want, is more players on Eve. If they truly want to tap into the f2p market they’l have to take that risk. I think that it is more than possible. Eve has the content, Eve has the mechanics and Eve has the structure.

Well, you obviously didn’t read the last part of my first post. You’re still suffering from the same misconception. When you pay for an EVE subscription you aren’t buying something tangible. You are buying a service. You are buying access to the premium features of a game server for one month. When that month expires, you lose access to the premium features.

Think of it like buying a one-day ticket to Disneyland. You can go on as many rides as you like during that one day! But if you come back the next day and say well hey I paid for a pass so I should be able to ride the rides that I paid for… what do you think they would say? Sure they might let you use some free features like the toilet or the car park or the souvenir shop. But good luck getting any further.

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No free PI/research/manufacturing/reaction alts.

Alphas can never be allowed to take part in passive isk generation activity. The only real restriction is that you can only log in one account at a time. If I can set up PI on accounts and let them lapse to alpha, I have isk generation limited only by the number of accounts I want to manage.

That’s bad.

‘No free PI/research/manufacturing/reaction alts.’ Yea that would be understandable.

Keeping alpha’s restricted to one account at a time is good.

I’m leaning more to combat skills :grin: PI/research/manufacturing/reaction they can nerf all they want ( passive isk generation).

Its about having more active combat players. Being in PI/research/manufacturing/reaction is not being very active(Unless its fueling a war :smiley: ).

The new system is great after the improvement. I just feel they should free up more of the combat skill restrictions.

Well, I “just feel” that my bank should give me a million bucks, the local car dealership should give me a free BMW, and Rachel Riley should go on a date with me.

None of these things are going to happen either.

Sorry but that’s ridiculous.

My main character is a 200+ sp character that’s been playing since 2004. You’re suggesting that I should be able to stop my subscription and continue to play that character at it’s full sp state??? It wouldn’t take long for CCP to go broke.

World of Warcraft has a “play for free” option. You can play up to level 20 without paying for a subscription. What you’re suggesting is that, if I subscribe to WoW and max my skills to 100 (which can be done in less than a month) and then unsubscribe, Blizzard should continue to allow me to play that character at level 100. NO… NO… NOT going to happen.

I find it a bit confusing, you can train in mining drones as an F2T player, I think it’s up to level 3, but once that’s done you can’t even use a lvl 1 mining drone without being omega, that being the case why even allow us to train in that skill in the first place.

Now that I think about it, they are intentionally reminding you of the limitations of being an omega. They want you to see the line between between ftp and sub hoping you will hop over to the subscriber side.

The point is if you can train up to that level then you should be able to use the drone, otherwise they should just stop the drone level before it gets to that point.

I was coming to basically say this. I have over 100mil sp and have trained to fly a carrier on my alt. I guarantee I could make some good money and PVP effectively with no more training needed.

The limits on passive income are there to keep the economy somewhat balanced.

The limits on combat skills are there to keep PVP combat somewhat balanced. You’ll probably agree that Alpha access to capital ships should be a no-no, but why should “capital” be the limit, why not battleship or battlecruiser or cruiser? From CCP’s point of view, if they want to make money by subscription, they should take the most popular / most flown ships (T2, T3, capital ships) and lock them behind a subscription. Which they’ve done.

“More combat pilots” is a need for the game, but it’s less of a need than “continued profits as a business.”

I see your argument, but you’re not using an argument that’s connecting with the audience that you need to persuade (CCP).

Yeah I could see how this would spiral out of control REAL fast.

Player A buys omega for a month… skills up gas and ice mining. Spends time in a WH or Nullsec mining billions of isk.

Doesn’t bother to continue the Omega status, goes back to alpha, continues to make billion isk a month for the next few months… has 10bil saved up, creates another character on another account, pays for omega through ISK in game from his first clone, then does it again… repeat until economy is obliterated.

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