Dev blog: Clone States - The Next Steps

With the December release, we’ll be looking to add more and more opportunities for Alpha pilots to impact New Eden in a big way.

The latest dev blog from Team Size Matters dives into the expanded Alpha skillset, charting the skills that will be available to Alpha pilots this winter!

Read all about it in this dev blog!


Mission runners will love you for those changes. :smile:

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and encouraged many former players to come back.

Until they saw what EVE has become and left again, this time never to return.



Who is making the character sheet file for Pyfa??

If you’re so negative, why stay? Why notice to a game that you enjoy and engage in a community you feel passionately about in a positive way?


why can alpha chars learn ice harvesting but no ship that can use ice harvestors or ice mining lasers?


Just the tip
Of the iceberg.

Because I’m a masochist and like to suffer. Also got nothing better to do than engage in meaningless forum posting. I haven’t actively played EVE since 2014.


How do old players that have many times even the new limit of SP decide what skills they get if they come back as an alpha?

Especially if they are cross-race trained? I know of people still interested in Eve that have characters with close to 200mil SP. Do they choose which skills they get and at what level ?


Nm. Good job with making t2 small-med weapons available. The most often complained about thing while I was active.


What has EvE become?
Please tell us.

You write in your bio you are a 03 bitter vet. Does that not imply you have run dry in your ability to enjoy the New Eden universe so have can we take your word as not being bias by that?

I’m guessing they are going to allow the Venture to use ice mining lasers but have no bonuses for them so they are not as near as good as the Endurance? @CCP_Falcon @CCP_Rise


Ice Harvesting

Why give them this skill when you’re not giving them access to anything that can actually fit ice miners? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ice mining laser states expedition frigates, which are T2

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Sorry haha I updated my post. I didn’t realize that until now.

@Chan_aar the “alpha skill pool” is basically all current alpha skills plus a few more, and they all combined should have a sum of that 20.5 million limit. This means any and all already learned alpha skills should be available if you downgrade from omega.

I’m still concerned about letting alpha players use pirate ships. It wasn’t possible to separate them, or it’s an actually important option to have as an alpha?

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There is no deciding. Read the dev blog. At the end it list all the Alpha skills. If you are not an omega, those are the skills that you have access to and can train.

So for example, I have advance weaponry to 5. If I unsub and am an alpha, though I still have the skill to 5 the game treata it as capped at level 3. If I go omega again, it will be treated as 5 again.

So there is no deciding.


Just will say that if Ish is allowed to fly her Nightmare as an Alpha, I will laugh out loud. Not that she’ll actually fly it or play EVE again, but oh my the crazyness… :rofl:


For now I think of them as expansive stuff to shoot at.


Yeah I get it now. Not what people want I fear. I think it would have been better if there had been a wide range of skills and then limited total SP. So that people that wanted to tightly focus could do and train higher levels of the allowed skills at the cost of not being as flexible.