Dev blog: Clone States - The Next Steps

I was getting so close, now I have 134 more skills to train up before I have a maxxed out Alpha.

Still… the ratting alpha rattlesnake doesn’t sound right to me.

Because not everyone is as oblivious and naive as you are and actually want a better EVE instead of this?


You have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the system works.

There is no choice.

And if the old player has the wrong 200 million skill points, then next to none may apply.

There is a list of skills which are the alpha set. If you have these skills, they are active regardless of your clone state. If you have fewer than 5 million skill points (and you have the prerequisite skills) you can train any skill in the alpha set, regardless of clone state.

Yeah I get it now.

Its just not what my non-playing friends were hoping for.

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Well you can fly it, with T1 guns and mid range skills, so flying it effectively might be a different issue :stuck_out_tongue:

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What were they hoping for?

Like I said they were hoping for an SP cap but the ability to choose which skills and levels they could have.

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Though if you read Gorp’s reply, it becomes obvious they’re just here to troll.

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How will this not lead to a better EVE? It makes the entry easier and will get more people playing, which means more targets to shoot or scam, more people buying mods and ships, etc. How is that bad?

And given this change probably took minimal programming and testing effort, what great change could have been done that would make even better using limited resources?


There effectively is this, if you never want to go Omega.

Unless you take some Omega time, Alphas are limited to 5m SP. That 5M SP can be in any skill in the alpha set.

Only once going Omega (or inject) can you train above that 5M limit, and if you keep training skills in the Alpha set you get to keep them if you drop back to Alpha.

The issue there is passive uses.

Since alpha’s can’t be logged on simultaneously with any other account, if you allow them to use skills that open up passive income… it becomes problematic.

If the skill cap was just a flat 5m… but I could train anything… I’d create as many alpha accounts as I could manage. Each would have maxed PI skills and a bunch of skills to research bpo’s. Can you see how that might cause problems? An infinite BPO research capacity and PI capacity?


I very much doubt that this will bring in any significant numbers of new people or make existing people return. And even if it brought in new flesh, they would not contribute to CCP’s income because they do not subscribe and can only potentially use money for skins, which should be part of the game anyways. The problem is that this is still the same game and what you listed does not make the game better, because it’s the ever same treadmill.

What would make the game better with the same limited resources? For instance, not screwing up the Crimson Harvest event by hiding most of the skins behind the RL paywall. For instance.


/cough/ Faction modules /cough/

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Oh yes I do see that and to be honest I would have some limits on what can and can not have been trained.

I would just rather have said “I don’t want Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar ships and weapons, let me put those points in to more Gallente things”.

I get the CCP’s idea now, I don’t like it and I know my friends don’t but hey HTFU right.


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Free to play isn’t just about getting people to contribute to CCP’s bottom line. It’s about getting content into the game and content includes people.

Look at a game like Clash of Clans. It is entirely possible to play the game, progress, and never spend a cent. Yet… Just by playing, you provide the game with content. If only the vets played, they world bore of playing against the same people over and over. New players bring new targets and content. Eve is no different.

For each new player, that’s a new isk income source. It’s also one more person buying hulls, mods, etc. This gives content to gankers who may want to shoot the new player, friendly corps who want to recruit the new player, Indy players who make mods they hope the new player will buy, and even traders who want to buy up the player’s mission loot.

All that makes more content, which is a goid thing and is the goal of CCP.


Amazing changes for alpha players.
I also have a very good question, let’s say i get some Level 5 (Cybernetics 5) implants and i drop from omega to alpha.
Will these implants still work while in my head, or will they get disabled.

Why do we get Shield Operation Level 4 ?
T-2 X-Large shield booster (battleships) requires level 5 and it is not that good fit wise and cap wise.
Armor ships get mechanics 5, which means alpha players with armor ships can use T-2 LARGE armor repairers (battleship class), but not T-2 X-Large shield boosters. :sob:

Maybe you can reduce requirement for X-Large Shield booster to level 4 or increase alpha “Shield Operation” to level 5. So shield ships can use T-2 shield boosters.

When will this changes be on sisi so i can go and test some fits for pvp ?

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CCP, please consider a change to your naming convention:

Alpha = account has never gone Omega by any means, is probably brand new account and possibly actual newbie
Omega = currently has an active subscription
Beta = does not have a subscription (Alpha state) but has had Omega in the past, and it probably a returning veteran player

This so we can argue about the two kinds of “free” play more clearly, without having to use the qualifier “no previous Omega activations.” Otherwise we’ll likely start using terms like “virgin alphas” and “non-virgin alphas”, and, well, given Reddit and General Discussion, the “non-virgin” term is likely to evolve to… more demeaning terms. So, please, Alpha and Beta, cut it off before it starts.

Besides, CCP you made a distinction yourself when you gave that $8 promotion for the first Omega activation to virgin alphas only.
And you wouldn’t be alone in the industry; SWTOR makes the same distinction with Free accounts, Preferred accounts, and Subscribed accounts. Any subscribed that lapses subscription goes to Preferred, not to Free.

Please consider.


The problem with your CoC analogy is that you can play the full game for free, whereas in EVE you have to pay for the full game. I find this hardly comparable. And instead of making more people want to subscribe with better content, CCP needs to open up the free tier to hold more people.

And the rest is as I said before: The ever same treadmill. Resource Wars were some kind of step into the direction of better content, but when you learn that the LP store for these corps are ripping you off hard, I can’t see them as truly improving activity for PVE.


Well sure, but most people who own a pirate BS go for T2 :stuck_out_tongue:

You could fit out a faction/deadspace/officer fit ofc