Dev blog: New Alpha Training Option


At EVE Vegas 2017, new information was revealed during the EVE Online Keynote regarding significant changes coming for Alpha pilots with the December release.

We followed this up with a dev blog that gives detailed information on the skills that will become available to Alpha Pilots on December 5th.

Now we’re ready to talk about a new training option for Alpha clones that will allow pilots to train up to 20 million skillpoints without the need for a monthly subscription.

Check out all the latest details in the most recent dev blog from Team Size Matters!

Yes, yes, attributes do need to be dealt with. Ideally, with a bullet to the head. Removing attributes entirely, and adding something like a daily (or weekly?) injector to LP stores on a separate cooldown from these alpha injectors to compensate for the removal of learning implants would be a decent idea to explore.


Doesn’this thing deviate eve even more to the pay to win system?



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just make the game F2P already, we all know where this whole alpha state monster going anyway.

Edit: best of luck to the “monetization team”.


“we still need to deal with attributes in general”

Yes, you do, and here is another perfect opportunity to do so, at least in part.

You want it, the community wants it, kill off attribute remaps and give everyone whatever the theoretical maximum (i.e. optimal mapping) would be across the board.


Most important question: How much Euro/Dollar does it cost? 66 Million ISK. And here CCP goes completely money grab on free players. Great idea. Also, these are not training options: They are Opiod Options to hook up players on paying for the training with their credit card instead of playing the game. A hideous attitude towards players.

Really, just stop it already and make EVE completely free to play. Put some brain into it, come up with a good system that does not rip the money out of our pockets and be a visionary again, this time for a good free to play game to shake up the industry. You can do it, but please stop this crap already.


Why did you choose to go this route instead of the “Beta Clone” route? Both are essentially the same end result, but the “Beta Clone” route feels more natural and less like direct sales of SP and less pay to win.


Can you inject these and save until you reach the 5 mil Alpha training limit, then use your “free SP” pool to push above 5 mil SP?

It may have been said before (TLDR) but the problem with this is that it creates skillpoints out of nothing… I didn’t have a problem with injectors because the skillpoints were already there and earned in some way, but this method could devalue subed players as their sp (aka time spent subbed) won’t be worth as much…

Edit: I guess it hadn’t been said yet…but it will.


Yes, it’s going to be ideal to wait until you reach the 5m SP ‘free’ training cap. These daily alpha injectors stay in your unallocated pool and that amount does not impact mechanics until applied. Unallocated points will be blocked from applying if they exceed your 20m sp hard cap if the player is still an alpha.

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This is probably the single worry about the system in the larger scheme of things. It probably would be far better for there to be a way to split a small skill injector in half to make 2 of these than to have these created from PLEX.


I’m honestly more concerned with the additional pressure on PLEX supply. SP is created from Omega time which is created from subs ($). PLEX is created from $ so Daily Injectors are not all that different than Omega time.

But instead of making it something that is created from say splitting a small injector in half, CCP has made it something that is created from PLEX which means more pressure on the PLEX supply which likely will increase the cost of it.


I was originally thinking they could just be mini extractors but your idea is probably better. Too bad indeed they didn’t go that rout.

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Why don’t you make a temporaly boosted alpha state, based on single training time needed instead? No one needs a day training, but alpha clone may need to train a specific skill faster, and the skill may take days to train… let them train at omega speed by paying a plex ammount directly connected to skill training needed… so that a 21 days training skill will need more or less 200 plex a 2 day skill 20 plex etc… better than injecting skills created out of nowhere, that some will sell using extractor and screw the game

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I suspect the answer to the “why didn’t you just…” responses are that the word “just” implies the suggestion is easy. If you’ve played EVE for more than a year, you ought to know that a system, once implemented, is nearly impossible to change. I used to assume it was because CCP just didn’t care, but now I’m thinking it might be because they paint themselves into a corner every time they touch code.

I suspect this was the easiest implementation, a single item added to the database with as simple coding as possible for the cooldown.

For those arguing “this creates SP out of nowhere,” it doesn’t exactly. SP has always come from $+time. The PLEX+cooldown is almost the exact same thing.

There is one problem that I don’t like… this allows $+time -> unallocated SP, where under Omega $+time -> locked in SP. For this to be fair to Omegas, any time not training a skill should accrue unallocated SP.


It’s very important to note here that this means all the skillpoints available to buy on the market in EVE will have originated on other characters where they were trained at the normal rate.

How times change. :innocent:


They are working on it. Once mining (NPC miners) and ganking (FOBs) are automated and the general rat AI is smarter to prevent AFK ratting, F2Pers cant farm endlessly anymore and the EVE economy can function with unlimited F2P access.

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CCP honestly what the flying F… is wrong with you. Whose idea was this? Honestly this can not have come from a dev that knows how this game works. Or from one that cares about the game?

First of I still feel its disgustingly wrong to have alpha’s in battleships. Especially considering the size of goonswarm federation, Test alliance and Horde. Now you are also allowing to create SP out of thin air. Instead of a commondity that needs to be worked for like everything else in game. If you implement this. The SP needs to come from the player base if not. This is just going farther down the line of actual gameplay altering micro transactions and you would then be better off just to go fully F2P which are you obviously working towards.

To all the devs out there I love you all. You have build a wonderful game for years with a depth totally unknown to any other game out there. Your hardwork over the years is being undone by moneygrabbing shareholder. To all current and former devs. You did great work watch you back. And make sure you don’t get caught offguard in the next wave of lay offs.


It does instead… there’s no need to play eve more than a year to understand that a game mechanic uniq to eve is that skill points are “harvested” through time instead of player’s actions… money or plexes are needed to let you access the system, so yeah, it’s about time+money…
This one is about money and nothing else, it ignores the time factor and a key game mechanic… so it doesn’t make any sense…
Honestly, if it wasn’t coming from a devblog, this should be the solution with “just” before the tittle… because it’s “just” an item that gives you insta-access to a skill that others, even omegas, have to waste time with… or have to use injectors that someone else invested time in…

Take bitcoins as an example… imagine injecting a system that creates bitcoins from nothing instead of hardware mining and see how you screw everything with it


It doesn’t. The dev blog covers it at several points. There’s a 24 hour cooldown, and it’s 24 hours worth of SP. It’s the exact same thing as having a 24 hour subscription (minus omega status) except you get the SP up front instead of spread out throughout the day. The time factor is not only not ignored, but it’s central to the entire design.

Bitcoins are actually a good analogy. You can only mine a finite amount in a specified time and at a non-zero cost.

I suspect there’s some reading comprehension issues in this thread… maybe you didn’t read the devblog?