Not a fan of limiting free skill points to 5 million

A week ago I was able to passively, but slowly train my 3 alpha accounts. With this new update 2 of my 3 accounts can no longer progress without me paying for injectors.

I’ve been an Omega before and I enjoy it when I have the time to play, but I’ve had long absences from this game due to the subscription model. There are times when new games come out on console or PC that I want to play and if I’m paying a subscription to this game then I’m wasting money on it while not actively playing.

When the Alpha Status (free-to-play) came out I was excited because I could still play around with the game for free until I chose to pay for Omega again, all the while earning skill points.

Now that I can’t earn skill points it takes away a huge portion of the game for me. It already takes years to learn skills in this game, but now I can’t even advance. I understand limiting which skills can be learned but limiting my ability to learn them at all is too much.

I might’ve not picked the game back up if it weren’t for Alpha. I mean in today’s market there are so many games that are free to play with the entire game (minus DLC) being free. This game is using a trial model, not a true free to play model. Hopefully at some point something changes because I can’t play a game where I can’t progress.

Im confused.

I thought you could still passively train SP to 5mil on an Alpha, even after this change, as before.

You hear that CCP? You need to make the entire game free. Fire all the staff to reduce outgoing cost to zero and this will balance out.

Also, I nominate myself for CEO.


You can continue to passively train all your alpha accounts to 5 million SP same as before unless CCP have made an unannounced change. You will have a richer selection of skills to choose from.

You can’t train multiple characters on the same account at the same time - but, as far as I know, you never could unless the account was Omega and you purchased multiple character training.

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uhm ok OP,

Is that character at 5mil SP, that was basically the upper limit before the patch, now you can go to 20mil but with injectors only.

Dont like it, pull out the wallet and sub up , or shut up.


My two Alpha accounts had over 5 million sp. One of them is at 11 million something and he was still able to passively train skills. When I logged back in after the update the game stopped my progress.

I’m just stating that I think it would be a better idea to let me keep training skills passively like before. PAST the 5 million cap.

Kind of harsh, but ok. Your logic is that if someone doesn’t like a policy they should just shut up? What is the point of having discussion forums then?

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You can purchase those alpha skill injectors for ISK if you really need more of those alpha skills, you don’t have to use your wallet. So all you have to do to progress is to play the game, almost like in other games really


60 million to get 1 day of skills isn’t worth it to me. Especially knowing that just a week ago I would’ve been able to get those skills for free, over time.

I understand that there are alot of rich people in this game, but I’m not one of them. I have maybe 140 million to my name and the grind for me is slow.

A subscription is $10.95/month. That’s maybe an hour’s work IRL. Just pay the subscription and you never have to grind again.


Yes. With this system some characters, that were omega and trained over the 5 million, are a bit messed up with the new system. BUT on the other side, you have more skills than you had before that are unlocked. Unless you were training some of the stuff that was not unlocked with the new alpha set (PI for example).

your right, it should be 0 sp like before.


You do realize all those times you took a break and stopped your sub because you didn’t feel like “wasting money” would have been spent training skills which are apparently a “huge portion of the game” for you right?

So basically what I see when I read this is “I want to be able to train for free despite being over the 5m cap. It’s not fair that I can’t because I was able to use a loophole in the old system to continue to train so I should still be able to!”

Do I have that about right? You are right about one thing, Alpha is basically an extended trail. It’s meant to let new and returning players get (re)invested in the game so they will eventually go Omega. This is not a F2P game where all money is generated through micro transactions so the entire model the Alpha/Omega system is built upon is not at all the same. If it were you’d see a true piecemealing of Omega to Alpha accounts into something like:
-X/Y/Z plex get faster training and up to A/B/C SP.
-X plex get cloaks
-X plex get cynos
-X/Y/Z plex get access to T2 frigates/cruisers/BB
-X plex get capitals
-X plex get T2 Modules
-X plex get entosis

The day that happens you can call EVE a F2P game. Until such a time this is a subscription based game where Alpha exists to try to hook new and returning players to stay and upgrade. It is not there in the hopes that players sit as Alphas indefinitely and compete on an equal footing to those who have subscribed.


Oh look, yet another player whining about how it’s not enough and wanting more and more.

As soon as one of these threads opens it should be insta locked because they’re a plague on the forums.


Than pay for it?

EVE has a unique feature in my experience, the ability to progress while not playing / paying within limits. You reached and then exceeded those limits.

I have played many MMO’s and never encountered the ability to progress without even playing the game before. I’m not sure why you feel so entitled to have more and more at no cost and with little to no effort even on characters that have 11m SP already?

Assuming the skills you trained are the ones of actual use on your 11m SP character (for example) then being able to train some of the absent skills in the original 5m pool when not playing would have done you little good.

I’m not sure how you manipulated the training queue so that there were always skills left in the original 5m pool to passively train when not playing but it seems like an exercise in futility designed to give the illusion of ‘progress’ when in fact all you are doing is training useless skills.

Doesn’t sound like ‘progress’ to me. It sounds like ‘more’ and more does not necessarily equate to progress.

I notice you choose not to be happy that now when you do play your characters that are well past the 5m SP mark they are considerably better free to play Alpha characters as a result of these changes with many more skills remaining active. Now, You potentially have a character you can play with all 11m SP active without paying a penny to CCP.

I notice you choose not to be happy that now when you do play you can be an Alpha in a Rattlesnake with 11m active SP - a thing undreamed of before. What a time to be alive.

That we should live long enough to see things such as ‘what’s a good Alpha fit for a Megathron?’ in Rookie Help chat.

No, just be upset that when you are not even playing you can’t ‘progress’ on an 11m SP character while you play other games on your XBox.



Come back in 2 years roughly, and you’ll have your wish for unlimited free SP training, however half the game will be locked away in a cash shop lootbox scheme.

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OP’s SP Farm To Be has been burned down, awwwwww


Well there is no DLC in EvE, the updates are FREE so that kinda balances out doesn’t it? Not to mention that pretty much all actual free to play games are total bollocks, full of micro-transactions that are required to proceed and covered in spammy adverts for crap nobody cares about.

I know alpha clones who solo wormhole content (before they were allowed battleships) so you’re wrong about the severe limitations and inability to progress. Maybe if you harden up a bit you might feel a bit better?

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No, it’s not.

Again, again, again: this is a fallacy.

The subscription does not become more affordable (which is what it’s actually about) when you sub for a year, because the whole sum has to be paid upfront! When will people stop with this nonsense?


Not a fan of limiting free skill points to 5 million

I’m not a fan of free SP… period.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses: