Large Skill injectors near the 5M SP point limit, being an Alpha Clone

Hi, I’ve noticed that some injectors, like the Large one, pay more under 5M SP (500k instead of 400k SP): so, is it possible, for an alpha clone, to inject just under the limit of 5M SP - let’s say at 4.99M SP - without the need of paying or plexing a subscription?

That way it would be possible to extract SP after 1 Large + n Daily Alpha Injector, if I understand well, for example to get rid of some unwanted skills, above 5.5M SP.

So, can an alpha clone go beyond 5M SP, and then 5.5M SP, without paying a dime?


Yes, but only with daily Alpha injectors, small or large skill injectors.

Yes you can inject even well beyond 5.5mil sp however the return will be 400k sp

I read somewhere that at least 1 omega subscription was mandatory, not sure thought.

Nope, you can inject any alpha up to the 20 mil sp that’s on the list of alpha skills. Only your free training ability stops at 5 mil sp.

Expanding Alpha skills to include battleships was probably ill advised. They should’ve stopped at battlecruisers.

what exactly are you trying to do? sounds like you are over complicating things for no reason.

an alpha character can have 400 million sp, but it will only have access to a max of around 20mil

going omega gives access to normal training speed, a ton of ships, and extra skills. I’d suggest going omega before buying SP injectors, especially if you are just using an injector to extract something? Sinking around a billion isk for seemingly no reason just doesn’t make sense.

So let me get this straight. You want to spend 800 mill for a skill injector, then spend another 350 mill for an extractor, and sell it for 800 again?

Nope, I only want to to be sure I have understood the mechanism. I have listed some things that can be done: extracting above 5.5M SP and going beyond 5M SP without paying real money, without subscribing, even with in-game currency. Wasn’t sure enough: for some reasons it seemed at least an ‘una tantum’ subscription was necessary.

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