Alpha SP limits and Alpha injectors?

Can someone please explain to me how Alpha injectors work in light of the fact that an Alpha is limited to 5mil trained SP over all?

IOW, if an Alpha is limited to 5mil trained SP, how can an Alpha use Alpha injectors after that point?

Seems like the 5mil limit makes Alpha injectors almost worthless. :thinking:

alpha’s are not limited to using injectors.

they can have up to 20 mil SP using Injectors…

after 5 or 5.5 mil in SP is trained, only injectors can raise you up to 20m SP.

you have daily alpha injectors or you can use regular injectors.

That means after 5mil training queue SP the only way to add more trained SP is to apply unallocated points from injectors?

yes. that is how alpha’s were designed.

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Thank you.

keep in mind, daily alpha injectors can only be used once every 24 hours, but small or large skill injectors can be used unlimited per day.

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Also worth considering a different path: You can also PLEX (buy PLEX for in-game ISK then use 500 PLEX for a month of omega time or sub for $$$) too to become Omega and train at omega speed (2x alpha) just make sure you only train alpha skills and skill levels if you don’t plan to stay as omega.

Of course it takes time to train this way instead of the instant SP injectors give. Not entirely sure but I think it is cheaper too ISK-wise but best to do the math on that to confirm whether that’s the case or not.

That is how I’ve trained the expanded Alpha skillset instead of messing with injectors as I was not in a hurry to get the skills right away.

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Not completely right.
As stated above, you can update to Omega and skill up, and return to alpha. All Alpha skills you obtained as Omega are still applicable.
And of course all the daily “Skilling Spree” bits also add to your skills, even if you’re beyond the 5m skill threshold. So do the given SP we all gain as login presents from time to time.

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