Question about 5M to 20M SP Alpha

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I do understand that alpha clones can train until 5M skillpoints but I also heard that you can actually train up to 20M SP? So for example let’s say I train my character up to 5 Million SP and then get 30 days of Omega time and train more of ALPHA skills BEYOND the 5M SP limit. Will I be able to use these skills after returning back to alpha if they exceed the 5M SP cap or not? (I’m talking about ALPHA only skills)

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Yes, you will be able to use any alpha allowed skills you learned during 30 days of Omega. Btw, those 30 days means you will most likely be only 1 milions SP richer. And 6 milions SP is not much, really.

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Thank you very much for a clear answer. Sorry that I had to make a topic for such a simple question, but I wanted to be 100% sure.

Train to 5 Mil. SP for free and buy one year omega at a discount. Train most of the Alpha skills and save your ISK for ships instead of spending it on PLEX. Gets you a nice pilot with some skills and cash you can play forever after without paying any more cash.

An Alpha character can freely train 5 million Skill Points (I do not know the exact). however the Alpha Skill list consists of 20,443,989 SPs roughly 20.5m SP. Complete list of Alpha skills can be found here or on EVEuni’s wiki

So to max out your Alpha abilities you will have to either subscribe or buy Omega-time with PLEX bought on the market.

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For the sake of completion you also use Alpha Injectors that you buy from CCP for real money or off the market in game with ISK:

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If you have the 20mil SP you can use 3 skill extractors each month, sell the injectors, and buy plex and stay omega for very little extra isk. Your character essentially stays paused in SP but retains all omega benefits. I think you can make a far stronger focused 20.5mil SP character with omega skills compared to a full skilled 20.5mil alpha.

This works pretty much anywhere over 5mil SP, but I’m not sure how useful a 5mil SP character is to you. There are some uses for ~5mil SP pilots, but not sure I’d recommend any of those for a main character.

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