Questions about 5 mil sp restriction and alpha-omega skills

my question is simple: so, there is “alpha” and “omega” skills and 5 mil sp training restriction for alpha account but can alpha clone still use all above 5mil sp “alpha skills” it trained while it was omega state?

The 5m SP restriction is for free training; the max SP an Alpha can have is 20.4m SP; to get from 5m up to the 20.4m you will either have to pay subscription or buy Skill Injectors.

Yes, the clone status has nothing to do with what is or isn’t available when you are Omega, which means you have access to train all skills available in the game, now as Alpha any skills trained past or not on the Alpha Skill list, see below, will become inaccessible and will be accessible again once Omega again.

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I think Sakimura answered the question, but I felt like it was worded a little confusingly. Maybe I can do better. So just to clarify, you can train up to 5mil SP for free. After that, you have to use daily alpha injectors, skilling sprees, or go omega to train additional skills. All skills available to an alpha work normally while you are in an alpha, however, omega skills will act like you have never trained them. For example, if you hit 5 million SP and then use a combination of daily alpha injectors and killing sprees to train for a gila, that will work. However, if you go Omega, train interceptors, and then lapse back to alpha, the game will treat you like you never trained interceptors. Note that you will retain Omega skills, they just won’t work until you go Omega again.