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Hi i have just come back and found that i cant train anymore on my alpha account 5k skill cap on alpha account this makes alpha accounts useless, i used the alpha account to move items around i have omega on account , i understand some skills are behind omega drones etc and some ships but to limit alpha can do dose not help and i am thinking about deleting the game, as this was never a thing 5 months ago when i had two omega account , the 5k cap needs to be taken off Now as i can not even lean a 34min skill with this in place let me know if i should delete my account ? rant over

You can passively train alpha characters to 5 million skillpoints, after that you can get more skillpoints with daily alpha injectors and skill injectors such as from login rewards, all the way up to 20 million skillpoints.

To make best use of alpha characters you can make multiple different characters each with their own specialisation: one that mainly flies minmatar ships in combat, another that specialises in amarr ships and weapon systems… and so on.

Don’t delete your account: make two more alpha characters on that account and start training those. Pick something to specialise in. And if you get extra SP from events or login rewards you can add it to your current character.

And to get that 34 minute skill you could buy an Alpha injector from the market.

Or do some ratting day by day. I’ve got an Alpha who gathered more than 13m SP that way.

But frankly said: Omega is much more fun.

The 5mil SP training cap has existed on Alpha accounts since they were introduced, so it certainly was a thing 5 months ago. If you decided to cancel one of your Omega status, that was your decision. As others have said, you can get up to 20mil SP on an Alpha account by getting the SP login rewards, buying alpha skill injectors, or doing the skill spree daily NPC kills when it’s around (and it’s around a lot).

Alpha accounts are more than generous enough for letting someone play the game for free to try it out. If you like and want to enjoy the game more, that is what Omega accounts are for.


I agree with you. Since the Alpha is free we should not complain about the restrictions.

there are many games that are free without limits on there games skins is were they make money from players. only way to change things is to talk about it

the cap is wrong and misleading and the free game stated on there website is wrong its only free upto 5mil skill points

no its free up to 20 mil SP… it still doesn’t cost you any RL money to go up to 20 m SP…

There is no lie, you can play the game for free…

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what kind of ■■■■■■■■ error is going on now- CCP has banner on login page that says account is in alpha states- pilot services says Omega STATE PAID YEARS OUT- on 3 different accounts

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