What will this issue be?

If there is an account. I subscribe it to omega for 3 months. during this 3 months omega-time I trained my character skill points with all Omega skills up to 5Millions. What will happen when it come back to Alpha status.Will I be able to train Alpha skills by then.
Or just I can’t trained them due to the total skill points has gone over 5Millions
Could anybody lead me an answer?

You can only train skills for free as an Alpha up until the ~5 mil cap. Once you’ve gone past that cap, you can only gain SP through injectors, PLEX, or via a direct subscription.

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That means I can’t trained those Alpha skills in Alpha status after I have 5 Millions skill point trained
No matter the 5 Millions skill point I trained is Omega or Alpha skills, Am I right?


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