Omega to Alpha question

I’m a returning player, but started a new account. Things have changed since I last played. There was not a free play option back then. Today, with the alpha clone, you can play free with limitations to skills and such.

What happens if I am omega, train skills that you can’t train in alpha, then return to alpha? Do those skills get disabled, lost, still useable, etc?


Disabled. If you ever return to Omega status, they will be there waiting for you.

Additionally, because of the cap on Alpha skill points, it is likely that you will not be able to train at all if you are over 20 m points from when you were subbed.

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You will retain all of your skill, but when you lapse to Alpha any skills that are marked as omega will be inaccessible (will not affect your character), once you resubscribe or PLEX your account you will regain access to those skills. Skills in your training queue will be paused if they required Omega and/or if you have skill points in excess of the Alpha limit (5m). You can retain 20m skill points from the Alpha skill list.

It is also possible to buy alpha daily injectors (50k unallocated SP) to train skills beyond 5mil SP limit on an alpha account. Also Alpha can hold all the skills they are allowed to use - ~20mil SP just happens to be the sum of SP required to train all of the allowed skills.

Interesting, so I suppose then there are probably lots of alpha players who maxed those skills and don’t bother with learning skills anymore and just play the game.

They just don’t get to fly the big ships etc.

You will retain all of your skill, but when you lapse to Alpha any skills that are marked as omega will be inaccessible (will not affect your character)

So, if I train “Connections” up to V, and get (f.e.) a cumulative boost in standing of 2.0, that will effectively drop back to 0.8 if my OMEGA lapses?

Likewise, I won’t be able to do any R&D anymore? If so, will I still be able to buy data cores of my agents? (Assuming I already have the required RP’s with the agent) Or will they simply refuse to talk to me? (like the lvl 4 mission agents do with regard to alpha’s)


Not entirely sure what will happen with R&D agents… I will have to investigate on it to give a proper reply. I do believe that you’d still be able to buy datacores, with what RP you have, from your “active” agent(s).


Since I will be going on an extended holiday (and thus will let my Omega lapse), I will probably find out how things pan out.

It would be nice if I could plan ahead, but if not, it will be an exploration of sorts. :wink:

If you’ve already started an R and D job, I.e. industry jobs, it should finish without problem.

You probably wont be able to access any new agents though.

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