Omega Clone

I am curious if I upgrade from alpha to omega status, do all of my 3 characters under the same account become omega or only 1 of them become omega?

I know alpha has 5 million skill points free to train in the queue and up to 20 million skill points to train under daily alpha injectors.

If I upgrade to omega, are the skill points free to train completely under the queue or do I have to purchase small or large skill injectors once passed 5 million or 20 million skill points?


Hi tigeryi - The account is what is Alpha or Omega so if you upgrade, all the characters will be Omega. Note however that you’d need to add training queues to simultaneously train all three characters.



You have three characters on one account. The account is subscribed, so all three characters are Omega Clones. You can train all skills on all characters (and do it at twice the rate of an Alpha Clone). You are limited to only training one character at a time, as you were with an un-subscribed (free) account.
However, you have access now to buy (either for real money or ISK) Multi-Character Training Certificates, which allow an additional skill queue to be active.
One certificate allows you 30 days of training two characters at the same time, buy another and you can train all three at the same time for 30 days. On expiry of a certificate, then the skill queue with the lowest SP is suspended.
(I promise this makes sense! - The Training Certificates are Omega only, ignore them and a subscribed account is an Alpha account with access to more skills and faster training. on a Train one character at a time basis).

Any skill points accumulated in characters Alpha skills, up to 20m SP each are preserved if you don’t renew Omega status. - only in the Alpha skills (Omega Skills are locked), it’s not a loophole for Alpha’s to have Omega abilities. If after that, if you have subscribed again then you get all the SP back in skills you have trained - so you don’t loose if for some reason you drop away for a few days/months/years.

I’ve probably made that over complex.

BTW: I’m glad you like Eve enough to subscribe - welcome further down the rabbit hole. It’s very deep, and very interesting down here. The fundamental difference between Alphas and Omegas is that Omega clones can specialise and get involved in production and creating things to a much greater extent.

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Thx for the info, assume I will subscribe to Omega for extended period, I don’t have to buy more skill injectors to train pass 5 million skill points right? I hope Omega is free to train more than 20 million sp as well

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Also correct- there is no limit to the SP of an Omega character. Also note that you will train at 2x the speed of an Alpha as a bonus.

One thing to remember though is that only one character on your account can be actively training at a time unless you buy a Multiple Character Training (MCT) certification from the NES or other sources. This restriction is the same for both Alphas and Omegas.

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Skill injectors provide “instant gratification” for a price. You can’t inject the player knowledge you need to use the character skills effectively - as in the real world, that comes with practice and experience.

Don’t try to go too fast - Eve is a huge, complex system that can easily overwhelm you. I’ve been playing 5 years, my main character is over 100 million SP and there are lots of things I haven’t tried yet. There is no endgame in Eve - you define your own victory conditions. Set realistic, achievable, short term goals and work toward them. Make some friends, get involved in the metagame and enjoy the journey.


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