How many characters can you make on one account? do alpha and omega accounts have the same number of characters?

3 characters on both.

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Also note that the Omega subscription only includes 1 training queue. You can train any of your characters but only one at a time. You can activate the second and third training queues on the account by purchasing multiple character training either direct from CCP with cash or from the New Eden Store with PLEX. Edit: Multiple Character Training certificates are also available on the in-game market for ISK.

You can only play one character from the account at a time. If you want to multibox, you need multiple Omega accounts.


Separate from the multiple character training, you can also gain skills as follows :-
Various recent special events have supplied skill-points in return for fulfilling simple tasks. This applies to each character on an account, so each can have their own ‘bank’ of unused skill points available. These can be applied to individual skill levels with the ‘Apply skill points’ option on the ‘Skills’ screen. There is no ‘queue’ for this, each skill/level has to be applied individually.

Every account can have up to 3 characters on it, only one can be logged on at any one time, regardless if Omega/Alpha.

If you want to run more than one character at the same time you can make more accounts. That said, if you want to do that, they all need to be Omega. If you have an Alpha account logged in, you can’t have another account logged in.

Hope that helps you out! :slightly_smiling_face:

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