Multiple Pilot Training

In the beginning Eve was a much different place. There was no alpha or omega. Everyone had a subscription to play. There was no way to train multiple pilots on the same account at the same time. Eve has changed since the beginning. Pilot training needs to change as well.

Everyone can create three pilots per account. All pilots on an account should be able to train in the same manner as an alpha pilot. A subscription should permit omega level training on one character at a time. Allow additional omega level training to be purchased as it is currently.

The justification for this is simple. Eve is free to play now. Anyone can create an additional account, or even hundreds to thousands of additional accounts, and train as many character as they wish for free. Now they can only play one alpha at a time. But on any account, be it omega or alpha, you can only log in one character at a time. It simply makes no sense any longer to deny players the ability to train all characters at an alpha training speed concurrently. Please consider the change.

buy a character transfer to the alpha account

CCP has no love for MCT.

This idea has been thrown around a couple times now.

What is the benefit, what is the point in having the other 2 character slots train as alphas, that outweigh the perceived positive for CCP to make it appear as though there are more players and more accounts?

CCP generally offers an MCT promotion a couple of times a year - last one was a Halloween promotion. They’ve also been handing out large quantities of free SP through logon events and skilling sprees.

If you have multiple characters on the same account you normally want them for a background industrial task - something that scales well across multiple characters and that they can do without needing to be logged in - otherwise why not train your main to do the job? Alphas can’t train those skills.

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