Multiple Accounts

I don’t really get why you don’t have a way to allow one alpha account and one omega account to play together.

like multiple alpha account’s would just invite boting to the point the game becomes point less.

People would be able to use a free Alpha account for scouting and other useful functions that currently require 2 subscriptions. CCP would be cutting their own throat. Alpha accounts should be little or no use to existing subscribers. It surprises me that CCP lets them train Corporation Management - they’re perfect for the CEO of a holding corp!


I just wish logging out and logging another account didn’t take so much time lol

you can launch any amount of clients regardless of their status as long as you dont go past character select.

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I mean switch from an omega to alpha toons, it takes forever to my logged out toon " vanish" from server

If they allowed this it would be mandatory for everyone omega player to dual box an alpha toon at all times for optimal gameplay. I doubt this is the desired outcome.


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