Alpha+Omega log in for paid sub

As a reward for paying real money to play, It would be if CCP could somehow add a mechanic that allowed real money omegas to have an alpha account online at the same time.

A lot of EVE activities really need two accounts. Even if one of those accounts is just for Eyes or scouting.

This would reward people who give CCP real money and make it easier on people with only 1/2 Paid accounts to enjoy more of EVE’s complex gameplay.
It also appeals to the more casual gamers CCP struggles to attract and retain. And those on tight Budgets.
I’m sure plenty of people have left because they can’t afford to sub a second account. Or they can’t put time into plex two accounts. And have isk to take part in Friday night roams. This would ease the pressure on that target audience massively.

No thank you. If you want a scout, you need to pay for it.


You can log in with an alt at the same time if both are Omega.

Luckily you can do a lot with free Alpha alts too, just not logging multiple accounts in at the same time as that is only allowed when all accounts are Omega.

Yes, this means multiboxing is not accessible to everyone who only has one omega account. And that multiboxing has extra costs compared to a simple single subscription. But I think that’s a good thing, as it means multiboxing is not the default for the game, just an extra service you can pay for.

clearly, you have never lived anywhere but an empire. Multiboxing is absolutely the default already.
Two accounts logged in are the basic minimum for life in anything but highsec.

I’m not saying that multiboxing is not prevalent, I just think that it should not be accessible with only one Omega account as that means multiboxing would be the default for any subscribed player.

The way it is now, multiboxing is still widespread but is not accessible unless people specifically go out of their way to pay (or grind plex) for an extra account on top of their first omega account in order to be able to multibox.

And that’s good, because I don’t think multiboxing should be even more accessible than it already is, as I believe it already is way too accessible and widespread.

Yes, I too multibox and many players I know multibox. But I think that should be a choice at an increased cost, not the default gameplay which it would be if Alpha accounts can multibox with Omega accounts.

I think you need to accept that multiplexing IS already the default for all players that reach stage X in EVE and to aid the more introverted and/or low paid and/or time-constrained this would help them a huge amount as a maturing player.

It really isn’t.

I guess CCP can make that choice if it is or isn’t based on the statistics for their longest players.
If the majority of players who play eve for more than 1-year multi box it says something.
If players who regularly play after 5 years multi-box that kinda shows a trend.
And I would wager those of use getting to 19 years of EVE do which probably tells CCP something about if Multiboxing is the standard for retained players or not…

If it is then my idea is valid. If not then fine. But I wager I am right.

We don’t have updated charts from CCP, but from 2006 to 2016 less than 45% of players had 2+ accounts - and that’s not saying they had them logged in at the same time, either. Since at that time there were no free Alpha accounts available, I’m sure now people have more accounts without actually multiboxing them - I have several Alpha accounts for high sec war response and to experiment with activities without using up a valuable Omega account slots.

Source: CCP posts in this r/Eve thread.

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Beside that: why on earth would CCP give up the income from a monthly sub by allowing a free Alpha login alongside the Omega, if multiboxing is that prevalent? That’s just not sound business practice.



For the majority of my EVE time I played with one Omega account. Eventually I wanted to get into playstyles that really benefit from having a second account, so now I’m paying twice as much to CCP.

It makes no sense for CCP to tell everyone ‘you guys can keep your money I don’t want it’ and let you multibox with only one Omega account.

I’ve seen Alpha players ask for paid benefits to become free, but this is the first thread in which I see an Omega player ask for paid benefits to become free.

If you wish to multibox, get a second Omega account. For a player far enough into the game that they want to be multiboxing it shouldn’t be hard to get enough ISK to plex the second account if you’re not willing to pay for it yourself.

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