CCP Please stop penalising us for money we gave you

Hey guys,
I haven’t been playing very much lately but the thing that really annoys me is that I had three accounts that I paid for to ‘skill up’ and now because circumstances changed and I no longer have as much time to play as I once did, I only kept paying for one account. I’m really disappointed that I can’t use my other accounts which I paid hundreds of Euro to upgrade at the same time as I use my main. I’m a very casual gamer and only log in maybe once or twice a week but I think that this is very unfair. There are so many games out there that are play for free or are a once off payment that I think you need to rethink your model. Let me know what you think please :slight_smile:

What do you mean you can’t use your other accounts?
If you don’t pay for Omega, they revert to Alpha stage and you can keep playing them as an Alpha.

If you want the perks of being able to play these other accounts at the same time then you need to pay for that privilege.


We could always go back to no play if you don’t pay; which in some instances would be an absolute godsend.


Thank you Scott for your reply and getting the conversation going. My point is that I paid to upgrade my 2nd and 3rd account and now I can’t use them because they’re alpha unless I log out my main

That is intended.
You should pay to upgrade them back to Omega if you want the privilege of logging them in simultaneously. :slight_smile:

Well, Jonah we are still in that mode.

Ya, I hear you but i think that more people/alts would be online if this wasn’t the case

I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to risk the potential abuse that would arise. :slight_smile:

maybe but , in the past, you’d have 60k accounts logged in now if you see 20 it’s busy. EVE is a big universe

Ok, but I don’t care.

I don’t think a bigger online number is worth risking the abuse from multiple-instances of Alpha accounts.


I can’t afford to multibox anymore is not CCPs problem.

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EVE is EVE, there’ll always be abuse…but I think there should be some middle ground for accounts you’ve already paid for

I don’t think so. Do you have a compelling argument for why there should be a middle ground?

loyalty to your customers who have played for a long time but that’s the only reason. plus maybe casual players like myself would log in more often

You know, I’ve been making car payments and mortgage payments, but because of circumstances, I can’t pay them any more. Some middle ground should be there for me to use my car and live in my house even if I can’t pay for them.


I’ve been paying the supermarket for stuff all my life, why don’t they give me stuff for free now that I’m not paying?

We’ve also had a lot more bots than today. We didn’t have MPTCs either,
which got people to consolidate their accounts,
and the record of 63k was a one time thing where CCP asked everyone to log on all of their accounts.

You pay for a service. When you pay, you receive that service.
When you don’t pay, then you can call yourself lucky to be able to use it at all.


Well, mortgage payments are essential imo. playing games should be fun

But these customers are paying money to maintain their Omega status.

Why should you, someone who is casual and doesn’t want to pay, receive the same benefit as someone who does pay. This doesn’t seem like loyalty to customers. This seems like treating your paying customers like trash by letting freeloaders like you gain some of the same advantages.


Please tell me you don’t really believe this?

I could without looking too far show you hundreds if not thousands of players who don’t spend anything to play but a bit of their time.

Something the OP could do to keep accounts subbed, even as a casual player.
Eve is probably the best game around for multiboxers if you don’t have a lot of “extra cash” for subs.

If you are buying PLEX off the market, that PLEX was purchased by another player. Sure, the PLEXer is not paying CCP out of their pocket, but someone had to pay CCP for that PLEX to be generated. Thus, the PLEXer is still financially supporting CCP through the in-game market by giving in-game ISK value to sellers of PLEX.

Hope that gets through your skull because last time it seemed to have trouble getting through. :slight_smile:

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