Guy who didnt understand Omega Status >.<

(Pops Fergus) #1

I took a break from eve and I come back to find that I can not fly my ships because my skill requirement are too low. I was shocked because before I left I could fly all my ships so I get to lookin at my skills and see you guessed it I need to learn more skills to fly my stealth bomber O but the catch is now my Manticore is now considered a Omega ship (wtf). So I have to pay twenty dollar a month to fly a ship that I could already fly because the makers of eve need more money. I think this is ridiculous and should not be forced upon the community sure it does not matter for new players but I should not have to pay to fly my ships when I could already fly them before. If anything…anyone with an account before the Omega expansion came should be grandfatherd into the game with permanant Omega status. Does anyone agree with me?

(Praetor Serpe) #2

You are right, alpha and omega are wrong.

Let’s switch back to when you must pay to play.

(JC Mieyli) #3

well i mean its free sub so sure i can agree with that
not sure ccp will though

(Tipa Riot) #4


(Lady Ayeipsia) #5

So you want to play the full game without paying for the game? That does not make any sense for CCP. Either fully resub your account which will let you access your ships again (no skills were lost) or PLEX. Otherwise you are stuck as an Alpha clone, that’s how it works.

Given that you use to have to pay before you could even log in, you should be happy you can log in as an Alpha and see the state if your account in the first place.

(Frostys Virpio) #6

The only time you could fly a Manticore is when you were subscribed. If you subscribe back tot he game, you will be able to fly it again.

(Ima Wreckyou) #7

I agree that it looks completely stupid that someone can buy SP basically for $ but then lose the ability to use those SP if they don’t pay an additional 15$ per month.

(Blade Darth) #8

Not sure if troll or a serious question.

(Pops Fergus) #9

The manticore now requires more training… training I can only receive with omega status.

(JC Mieyli) #10

if you could fly it before you can still fly it
ccp has never alteredskills in a way that prevents people using stuff they could use before
its just the skills are locked because you are an alpha

(Pops Fergus) #11

The thing is I could fly my ship before yes with my subscription fee but now they have raise the skill requirements which forces players who had there skills to fly there ships to now resubscribe to a free game sounds like a scam to me.

(Pops Fergus) #12

It wont let me fly it says I do not meet the requirements and I need to train skill that I don’t have access to because of omega which is a complete scam if you ask me its forcing people to pay to get the skill to fly there ships for a free game.

(Pops Fergus) #13

Not a troll question I just honestly want to know is anyone else pissed about this.

(Frostys Virpio) #14

That’s because the required skill to fly it, covert ops in that case, is not active on an alpha account. Your skills required to fly it are still trained on the character but you do not have access to them because you need to be Omega to use those skills.

The free to play option clearly only apply to the alpha skills part of it. All omega skills need omega status to be used.

(JC Mieyli) #15

its not a free game and manticore is a t2 ship
alphas cant fly t2 ships
even if they increased the requirements you would still have the skills to fly it

(Pops Fergus) #16

You can play on alpha status for free? No?

(Pops Fergus) #17

And that’s what I’m getting at I have learned the skill required for my ships before this Omega BS ever came out why should I have to pay to use skills I have already learned.

(JC Mieyli) #18

yes but thats basically a trial account

(Pops Fergus) #19

Has nobody else questioned this or did everyone just say â– â– â– â–  it and resub?

(Lady Ayeipsia) #20

It is not a free game, nor did they change the requirements to fly a bomber. The moment you resub, you would be able to fly your bomber.

The Alpha account is basically an unlimited time trial. Skills are capped. So instead of 3 weeks to try the game, you have unlimited time but limited access.

Omega is the same as paying an old subscription.

And when your subscription expires, your clone goes back to alpha status.