Dont resub to omega just for 50k login reward! If was omega anytime in past month you get it

Ccp secretly trying to get mass alphas to go omega.

Dont need to.

Also you all should just boycott this manipulation attempt to inflate login numbers via marketing.

Yet if ccp already got you addicted, dont go omega just for the 50k.

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This is bizarre. This is a nice promotion from CCP.

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50k? I’m not up on recent market prices but 50K? That might buy you a T1 afterburner! Maybe a few rounds of Ammo…lol

Oh snap ! A corporation slowly loosing its grasp on its sole market is trying to make moves to get customers back !

That’s outrageous ! Quick, honey, bring my Triggerinator, we have some islandic to slay !

On a more serious note, could just be a bug, or maybe it’s intended. If it is, well eh, fellow Alpha player will get what, five hours of free training ? More ?

Nothing with big impact on our capsuleers lives, at least not enough to boycott CCP’s biggest income : Omega subscriptions. And sincerely, if someone is buying Omega time this weekend, it might be for all the content it unlock, and not some smol SP boost.

(Alright, maybe not five hours of free training, but you get the idea. Won’t get a newbro from piloting a corvette to sitting in a full T2 faction titan with every skill at V).

CCP gave free stuff. It isn’t some conspiracy or anything. They just gave free stuff.

■■■■ sake you people are retarded some times.

loosing huh?

its SP not ISK

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Lose or loose, both works.

The fact I can login any other game and get Christmas presents without some jack off bitching is telling.

Take your complaints back to your skill farm.



Someone had to:

gerund or present participle: loosing

set free; release.
“the hounds have been loosed”
synonyms: free, set free, unloose, turn loose, set loose, let loose, let go, release, liberate; More

fire (a bullet, arrow, etc.).
“he loosed off a shot at the vehicle”
synonyms: fire, discharge, shoot, eject, catapult, let go, let fly with
“Brian loosed off a shot though the back of the car”


gerund or present participle: losing

be deprived of or cease to have or retain (something).
“I’ve lost my appetite”
synonyms: be deprived of, suffer the loss of, no longer have, stop having
“he’s lost a lot of blood but his life is not in danger”

become unable to find (something or someone).
“I’ve lost the car keys”
synonyms: mislay, misplace, be unable to find

Alright, I beg your pardon then.

Concerning what I’ve said of “lose = loose”, it’s because something loose can be translated to “en vrac” (= messy), and I thought the sentence could also work with an additional O ^^"

Thanks for the little english lesson mate !

Shows how out of the loop I am…Still, doesn’t seem like much.

yea 50k-100k doesn’t seem like much but its better than not getting a free gift from them at all.

Sure…if you’re stupid.


Well excuuuuse me princess, but I already apologized for my mistake that was apparently serious enough to get quoted.

Skill points, not isk

he’s already been told that.

Don’t forget that, for many people, forums are write-only media…

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