PSA for New PvE players, especially alphas

Hi guys

Just in case your plan is to train into a ship and run L4 missions, of any kind. Don’t forget

After investigating further, the decision has been made to place all level 4 and 5 missions behind the requirement to have Omega status, to assist the fight against RMT and botting.

This is from

So I highly recommend you change your plans now instead finding out later the hard way.


Just go Omega :sunglasses:


^^^ that


If you guys are replying in general, then OK, if you guys are replying to me, then not OK, cause been there done that. I unsubbed cause CCP are not doing their job, simply and plainly not earning their money. If CCP wants to get paid, then they need to get their ■■■■ together, and in a rather big and spectacular fashion.

I made this post as a bit of a PSA for compeltely new players that will end up being caught off guard by the incoming changes.

My re-sub is contingent upon several things as follows:

  1. Cap / Super/ Subcap - balance issues solved and properly implimented. And I don’t mean some stupid half assed crappy little PR gesture changes, I mean the real fking ■■■■, the big hammers.
  2. VNI ratting, AFK ratting, AFK insertwhatevershitinhere - solved and gone. Need some end game to actually play, not AFK in.
  3. Rorquals, rorq multiboxing/botting/brodcating etc. - solved and gone.
  4. Rorquals, cap proliferation, damage they do to the games economy - solved and gone.
  5. Bots - well at least they’re making some half assed attempts at it, but too often too little and too late, needs to be solved and gone, or aleast brought down to managable levels.
  6. “Soft” reqs for multi accounts and multiboxing - fax alts, dred alts, rorq alts, vni alts, shitty alts, anal alts, crapped out alts, sideways fkd alts - all this ■■■■. Needs to be solved and gone.

Frankly speaking they are not capable of solving any of the above issues. So am just hanging out to watch it all spiral and laugh and gloat as it does because doing so entertains me far more then VNI ratting or rorq mining.

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Well, Bumpy…more general. The information about level4 missions soon not being accessible by alpha clones you put up is good for them to know, and the solution is to simply subscribe and become an omega clone.

Personally I don’t think there should have been alpha clones in the first place. I think they should have stayed with free trials and sub if you like the game. But I’m not running ccp, so, whatever…

EvE certainly has it’s problems, but is worth the money, imo. I’ve spent more in one night out on the town than a year of EvE would have cost. EvE is still a good entertainment value for the money.

You bring up some valid concerns, but I think there’s still a lot of fun to be had in the game.

I was very concerned when pearl abyss bought ccp, but 5 months or so later and it seems PA hasn’t wrecked the ship. I’m cautiously optimistic about the future of EvE.

I figure I’ll have fun and if it all dies sooner or later- oh well.


I share this sentiment. It’s no secret the community is mad and even had valid reasons to be but I’m me and I’m enjoying the game for what it is so far.

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Blitzing L3 in Machariel can be almost as rewarding, IMHO. Considering how awefull alpha clones are in doing L4 with all limitations…


If you want to do content that’s like level 4 missions as an Alpha Clone, just do exploration and run the high level combat sites.

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Its called Plex. You dont need to give CCP money in order to get Omega.

Every game has balance issues. You are aware that Dota 2 and League of Legends balance their game every time they have a release, right?

There has to be some method of grinding to make isk. Every game has it.

Botting and broadcasting are already banned by CCP.

I agree there needs to be an overhaul of the mining aspects of eve, though. But it should be across the board, not just Rorquals. Nerfing Rorquals will only cause the botters to move on to Hulks, and will not solve anything.

Not really sure how you came to this conclusion, Team security releases a quarterly report on how many bots and RMTers they ban, and its more complicated than what you say.

Except that we are paying for our multiple accounts. Imagine if we can only log in 1 account at a time, we would stop paying for our other accounts.


hey whats wrong with you?

1.: if you play on that level balance is not a real thing to you … really not
2.: no problem there
3.: no problem there - multiboxing is ok in EVE
4.: no problem there
5.: just report Bots if you think its a bot BUT dont expect something happens in the next min and dont expect CCP wil ltell you what they have done in the case you reported … it will not happen … if only you believe its a Bot it can be a drunken multiboxer too … so … CCP works on that but it will never come to an end … its work in progress as long as EVE exists (or any other oonline game)
6.: no problem there - multiboxing is ok in EVE

ah yea and btw. as Alpha you play for free … so if CCP takes something away its ok … it always can happen to free to play stuff … if you sub you can do anything …


Hey people! Don’t worry about this lv4 change for Alphas.

I’m 10 days old. 540k sp. And I have almost 100 mln isk in my wallet. I earned them, with exploration frigate from career agent. Without single lost.

Just be brave! Cunning :brain: Get out from high sec. Learn the basics of directional scanner :eyes: And woohoo! Money is waiting for You.

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