Alpha's War on Omega's

New to EvE? Here’s what its all about:

There’s a real competition out there for the best loot sites (whether hacking or ratting, it’s all grabbable by Alphas), and I’m going to make sure I contribute my part to ensuring Alphas get them first :slight_smile:

It will be my pleasure to teach Alphas how to compete faster and better against Omegas, using <5mil isk boats to gank, steal and ninja all that Null, WH, high level cheddah from the Omega’s noses.

I am going to RELISH this…

And for all you Alphas, it starts here, we got you :slight_smile:

No matter what this person implies, it won’t beat paying $15? a month to play the full game. Not the extended trial version.

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It’s alright man. I get it. Every tutorial out there is right…sites are competitive, the best sites are very competitive. And it’s just a fact a large group of players want to be Alphas, want to stay Alphas, and want to compete.

And I’ve got techniques that’ll help just that…

This game isn’t all about buying SPs, and the best gear, you know.

There’s actually a game out there, and there’s actually a way to properly exploit game mechanics to beat the game.

You lost your way man. You’re lost, you believe to access the game you gotta be higher level, better stuff. I believe to access the game you gotta watch how that Koomba moves and jump on it.

thats not allowed by EULA rules … no use of Exploids



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