Is EvE for you?

There’s a lot of threads that can confound a new player. As a former alpha turned hard Omega convert, here’s why the game is for me and why it may or may not be for you too.

  • if you’re looking for point-and-shoot fast pvp. Probably not for you. Maybe HALO?
  • if you want an extremely player-competitive strategy game where pvp can take many forms. Maybe EvE is for you.

Right now I’m learning about market pvp. What other game even does that? You gonna go into a trading hall in Ogrimmar and crush your enemy’s economy in WoW? Nope.

EvE somehow mimics life, how did they even do that? And kinetic warfare is only one tool to attack your enemies.

EvE is first and foremost a strategy game. You can farm, and grind, but if you don’t have a strategy you wont get anywhere.

This is probably where most new players get lost as they dont understand why grinding for isk in missions and leveling up isnt making their game play easier.

In EvE making connections matters. Joining corps matters. Tactics matters. Strategy matters.

Your ability to know how to do something is more important than having the skills to do something.

Knowing how to button mash or even point and shoot isn’t really challenging.

Therefore EvE is for gamers who want a challenge.


The most important thing is being able to lose with grace.


Aha I knew you would fall to the omega side of the force bwahahah


Yes, actually what CCP really needs to know is why he choose to stay so many don’t

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I love Pi it’s too good

I’m new to the game but this statement I think holds a lot of truth for Eve and for players like me its a turn-off.

Because yes, I like to shoot people in the head in FPS games and yes, I enjoy learning button sequences. These might not be as sophisticated as applying knowledge about the game to gain an advantage but that doesn’t make acquiring mechanical skill in a game less challenging or even “not challenging” as you put it.

Eve certainly lacks in the “hands-on feeling” department from what I’ve experienced but that’s fine as I don’t think the devs were ever aiming for that kind of experience in the first place. In return, the game is very rich in depth and the devs really nailed that part. As deep as the game is however, a part of me still yearns for a more engaging combat experience like such in Freelancer or E:D which is likely why Eve isn’t for me.

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E:D’s engine, with everything else from EvE would be the most beautiful game in the history of player interaction.



I did love Freelancer back in the day only had a brief go at ED. Started the tutorial stuff finnaly found the way in to some borg cube to land managed to engage warp splattered my ship all over the wall and died. Turned it off never been back on it since probably didn’t help having to play it with M&KB as my joystick was kaput.

I mentioned in a previous post somewhere about having played dreadnought that game with EvE ships and a better team could have been great.




Is EVE for me?

Good question.
I don’t know if it’s for me but I enjoy playing it and I’ve never rage-quit on a game.

Yet, if CPP continues to dump on the little solo guy (as I’ve read so far ) and not give us the tools to play ( making Isk without being taxed to death is an example) I may just quit on my own volition and go play something else.
Plenty of online games around.

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Mind explaining how they are messing with the little guy? And is an increase in just 2-3% taxes really amount to “taxing you to death”?


I read in another thread that you’re a troll.
I read fast and have seen your posts where you always pick fight with posters so I do agree you’re a troll and I will not feed a troll.

Bye bye

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Im a little solo gal and so far there’s been nothing but good for me so far.

To what changes are you referring?


Apparently asking challenging questions like “mind explaining that thing you said?” is a “troll”. Man, whatever happened to the generation of eve players that told each others to htfu? Now it’s all just “if you don’t agree with me and ask difficult questions, you’re a troll!”

What a disappointment.


I was confused about the fact that you haven’t mentioned PI anywhere in the OP…

…but then you corrected yourself.

Now i can be at peace knowing that nothing is out of order in this thread.


I was actually answering the Original Poster.

I don’t know why you feel you have to have clarification on something that wasn’t addressed to you.

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Because this is of interest to me and its a public forum for discourse between players.

If you are having a hard time using these changes to your advantage, its possible that Im doing something you arent and can point you in the right direction.


I’ve already gotten plenty of help and pointers in the game chat rooms.
There’s a wealth of information in this forum and elsewhere online.
I think I can manage without your help.
But thanks for the interest.

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You’re most welcome.

Though if youve been advised the changes are bad for solo, you should probably check the quality of the advice you’ve been given.