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Hi Folks,

I’m new to EVE Online and just looking for some guidance if anyone is willing to give it!

I’m currently doing the tutorial and going on to do the combat missions, after those I will aim for the Sisters EVE Epi Arc.

Some questions below and if anyone wants to chat in game about stuff that would be helpful, always cool to get some in-game guidance.

  1. What skills should I focus on early?
  2. Should I sub to the game for Omega? Free to play not worth doing really due to limitations?
  3. Best way to get some cash early?


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Welcome to EVE! Hopefully you’re enjoying it so far. Allow me to answer a few of your questions:

  1. Core competency skills are never a bad idea. EVE University’s wiki has a good site about it, and you can find that here.
  2. Omega opens up a lot of things, such as the ability to cloak and use different kinds of starships outside your starting race. I recommend it, but it’s up to you if you want to or not.
  3. Ask around, someone always needs something. Player corps are also a good way to meet other players that are willing to help out.

Good luck and have fun!

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I concur with What ISD said about the core skills… Anything that will get the ship powered and will decrease the chances of you not having proper capacity levels.

As far as Ships outside of race, you can fly those as Alpha.
There are advantages to being alpha, mainly don’t have to sub or pay if you really don’t like the game and then there’s the advantages of Omega which opens up the entire game. As Alpha you can get up to 20 million Skill points before you really need to choose if you want to go to Omega or not.

There are some corps that do help out alphas and encourage upgrading to Omega eventually.

Good advice has been given so far, but just to add a little more color commentary…

  1. To build on the advice given, and to help thin out that list from E-Uni a little, here is a more condensed list of The Magic 14. These are the “core-est” of the core skills because they apply to any ship you fly for any profession:

I suggest new players mix these in with skills that specialize in weapons systems and specific ships so that you get a mix of “fun” and “supporting” skills. You will be glad that you train these though.

  1. A lot of the benefits you get from going Omega are probably not particularly relevant to you right now since you are so new, though going Omega will definitely open more options for you as you skill into better ships, want to try different things, and run into skill limitations that come with Alpha. However, Omega also lets you train skills twice as fast, and that’s something that will help you today right away. The choice is yours.

P.S. subscriptions pay for the servers and developers too, so subscribing is a cool thing to do if you like the game.

  1. Lots of options, The SoE arc will get you some cash, as will missions. Loot and (when you have the skills and gear) salvage your missions and that will help. As you get more skills, other options open up. I’d encourage you to try all of the career agents so you get a taste of some different things to try in the game.

One other great option to try is Project Discovery. It’s not for everybody, but if it clicks with you and it’s something you enjoy, it can be a great way to get some starter ISK.

Welcome to EVE


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And, for what it’s worth, here’s a wall of text I typed up for another new player the other day. He was asking some different things, but some of it relates to what you’re asking here. The other rambling and links might be helpful to you as well :slight_smile:

Thanks @Leah_Crowleymass for the info/links, a great help!

Thanks everyone for the info, appreciate the time.

Side note - I will be a subscription based player ASAP as I always sub to any MMO I play for the full experience and to support the servers/dev’s, always a good thing to do for sure!


Решил посмотреть куды ушли мои согильдийцы из N-ого проекта… ага eve онлайн. Потыкался 2 дня и что-то ничего не понял. Приглашали меня через фэйсбук, но не заходил я туда (и в твиттер) уже много лет, дали ссылку но фэйс не хочет пускать, на англицком языке, для меня не понятном, сообщают код, но …чертовщина просто. Говорили про плюшки в 250к опыта, но так я и не разобрался как сие делать. И язык то форума мудреный, слэнг непонятный Альфы, омеги, плексы и прочие сокращения. Устал гуглить. Понимаю, что выходец я из миров более магических чем технических. Пост этот как оправдание моей недалекости в мире космоонлайна.

English, comrade stalin.

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I decided to see where my co-guilds left the N-th project ... yeah eve online. I stumbled for 2 days and did not understand anything. They invited me through facebook, but I didn’t go there (and on Twitter) for many years, gave a link, but the face doesn’t want to let it go, in English, which is not understandable to me, the code is reported, but ... damn simple. They talked about buns in 250k experience, but I didn’t figure out how to do this. And the language of the forum is tricky, incomprehensible slang of Alpha, omega, plexes and other abbreviations. Tired to google. I understand that I come from more magical worlds than technical ones. This post as an excuse for my near space in the world of cosmo-line

Hi , send me in-game mail, I would be glad to help

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