The most valuable skills for alpha Caldari player?

Hi all!
Im a very new player, and currently just working on tutorial. This game is very complicated for a beginner, so to clarify some goals i want to know what skills should i raise first?

As for my own goals, ill probably try to fly on Merlin/Kelstrel, and then switch to either Worm or Garmur, or to some heavier ships like Cormorant or so, if i will manage to get enough experience and income. I will probably stick to t1 ships for a while, and when i will be enough experienced, i will try something bigger/expensive))

Overall id like to stick either to Drone or Missile ships, also want to try some Exploration ships or Venture mining as well.

At the moment id like to stick to some cheap vessel, even maybe a “battle” Venture for cheap educational purpose. Id like to master basics first without being worried to die a lot in process))

So, what do you recommend?

Start with these:

They will be important for anything you fly or want to do.

From there, you’ll want to work on skills specific for your ships (Caldari Frigate, as well Gallente Frigate for the Worm, etc.) and the specific weapons skills that you will want (missile and related skills and drones). Of course, there are exploration-specific skills as well so keep in mind what your goals are and work out what you want to prioritize.


Also, just to add- yes, EVE has a learning curve of a brick wall that’s leaning back slightly towards you :slight_smile:

If you have more questions, please post here and we will certainly try to help.

In addition to completing the (horrible, IMHO) new player arc, definitely make sure to follow that up with the Career Agents. There will be links to those at the end of the tutorial mission:

After that, the next step is generally advised to be the Sisters of EVE (SoE) Epic Arc missions:

Once you get through all of that, you should have a good grasp of the mechanics, a few ships, and some ISK. After that, the world is your oyster and it’s time to think about what you want to do. One thing that can help is going a corp like E-Uni or Brave Newbies to have some additional people to show you more ropes and help you out.

And, forgot to say it before, but welcome to EVE!


Thanks a lot for tips!)))

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One of the most important choices you will make as a new player is the the group of people who will help you scale the learning cliff.

For exploration talk to
For large scale PVP try
Last but definitely not least

Good luck and welcome to Eve!

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Scamming V


the ‘Magic 14’ page is a bit out of date, as most of those skills are already there for a new character. I looked into this a couple of months ago, and the skills a new character possesses when first created were then -

Afterburner III
Archaeology I
Astrometric Acquisition I
Astrometric Rangefinding I
Astrometrics III
Capacitor Management III
Capacitor Systems Operation III
Controlled Bursts II
CPU Management IV
Cybernetics I
Drone Avionics I
Drones I
Electronic Warfare I
Electronics Upgrades III
Energy Grid Upgrades I
Evasive Maneuvering I
Gallente Industrial I
Gunnery IV
Hacking I
High Speed Maneuvering I
Hull Upgrades III
Industry I
Long Range Targeting I
Mechanics III
Mining Frigate I
Missile Launcher Operation I
Motion Prediction II
Navigation III
Power Grid Management IV
Propulsion Jamming I
Rapid Firing II
Science IV
Sharpshooter II
Shield Management I
Shield Upgrades I
Signature Analysis I
Spaceship Command III
Surgical Strike I
Survey III
Tactical Shield Manipulation I
Target Management II
Thermodynamics I
Trade II
Trajectory Analysis I
Warp Drive Operation I
Weapon Upgrades II

I assume the Gallente-specific ones will vary according to which race you selected when you created the character.

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If you like browsing through skillplans, enjoy:

After about 14 months I finished the advanced plan, but of course I also trained further skills for bigger ships and weapons.

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Thanks for answers! The reason im asking is because somewhat all Alpha guides are written before last improvement, so its a bit outdated(?)
and i didnt managed to get which skills should i improve on my own due to lack of ingame experience.

Anyway im planning to eventually improve my character to be able to ride any available ship(i think 20 mil buffer exp should be enough/near enough to be able to fly any ship within Alpha limits.)

Guide is good, but once you actually try a particular ship, this explains more than any guide.

For example, why there is many thoughts about Caldari destroyers is bad? Unless i try that ship and get personal experience, ill never know))

This is true, in the sense that new characters start out with most of these injected, if not partially trained. However, I still always point out the importance of training these since new players might not see or understand the benefits of these skills and neglect them for the “shiny” skills of weapons or ships.

It’s the “how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?” philosophy for making sure that the skills are balanced :slight_smile:

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Well, its pretty ok to me just because i know that in such games even a bit % of differrence matters.

I just worrying about being able to learn enough skills to fly differrent kind of ships, but still its ok if i will be unable to fully reach this goal.

My advice would be to try to focus a bit on certain categories of ships. For example, as a Caldari, you will want to look at things like Caldari frigate and use your racial ships to at least get rolling. It’s easy to become a “jack of all trades, master of none” in EVE, and that can be particularly risky with the Alpha skill cap.

So, my advice would be to train up the general skills mentioned above, then the occupational skills (exploration, etc.) as you like, focus on racial ships and weapons systems, then once you get comfortable with those you can begin to explore other kinds of ships and weapons.

Just my advice though- the number one rule in the game is to do what you like and have fun!

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Thats exactly what im planning))

Ikr that there is a lot to consider, so hope ill be able to both develop all necessary skills and be able to use heavier ships. Hovewer, im pretty sure ill spend a lot of time riding frigates.

My current plan is something like this:
Basic skills/Caldari Frigates -> All frigates/Advanced Skills -> Heavier ships + required skills for them.

But as I said, i worry a bit that i didnt manage to fit all this stuff into 20 millions of exp, thats why im asked for tip))

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This is true, in the sense that it actually is true - I didn’t pluck that list out of some random orifice. Unlike you, I actually did the exercise of creating a brand new character and checking it’s skills and levels against a master list of all skills, and the above list is the result. I didn’t find any skills which were injected but then not trained to at least level I, either.

Um, OK. Just because the skills are injected does not mean that the new players will train them further. That’s what I’m suggesting- to train those core skills.

No need to be hostile, dude. You said that the skills are there- I agreed. Then I said to continue to train them. To your point about the list being dated, it is in the sense the a character no longer needs to buy and inject them. It is not in the sense that they don’t need to be trained.

Which is not what you said, which was -

They are all injected, and all partially trained. I won’t disagree that further training makes sense, but being told I’m wrong when I’m not (by someone who didn’t check it for themselves) inevitably annoys me. You could try apologising, but I somehow doubt that you will.

Well, I apologize. You did not understand what I was trying to convey, so I’ll own that I guess I didn’t express or explain what I was saying adequately. I never said you were wrong, just pointing out that there was more to what I was trying to convey,- more of a “yes, and”. But really dude, ease up a bit- we’re all here to try to help.

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Important skills-everything for gila

Apology accepted - Peace, Brother :slight_smile:

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