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in short, if you are a new player don’t expect anything without paying and min 1-2 months to do the basic skills! good luck

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This is rubbish.

Find some friends or enlist with a decent, newbro friendly corp and you can engage in excellent content from day one.

I’ll never complain about having a newbro in a Maulus along on a small gang roam.


Itll go a hell of a lot faster if you take advantage of the rewards from the career program. You will be locked out of a significant amount of available equipment and ships without upgrading to Omega, wont lie to you there but I think the alpha status is a bit misleading - this is a subscription based game and always has been

True. But you can have fun from day one.

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Simply not true. I’ve had Alpha accounts take part in major battles. One of my characters in the big Parabellum war was an Alpha…in a Gnosis…which I had to use because my main character could not switch corp for 7 days.

As for progress…in addition to this 2 year old account I have a 4 month old Omega that is already using Heavy and Mega Pulse Laser and Precursor weapons and is flying lots of good T2 ships. In fact in just 4 months that account is skilled to T2 level for all the Cruiser level ships that Wrecking Machine use. Just 28 days time and that account will be flying a T2 Apocalypse.

Skilling quickly is largely a case of focusing skills on just the right things. Augmentations help a lot too…



I’m talking about new players, you have an account for 2 years))),and speaking is easy

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So really all you want to do is whine and not be bothered about the actual facts.

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? what did I say wrong and I’m not whining but I’m telling the facts

That’s not only true for EVE Online or most other games. It’s true in real life too. You will get nothing if you’re unwilling to pay for anything.
Nothing is free in life and now you also have to pay for the air you breathe through the Carbon Tax.
In the country I live in ALL public restrooms aren’t free, in cafés, restaurants and snacks you have to be a customer to use the restroom. In train stations it’s 1€ to take a piss.
In light of all that I don’t see why an online game should be free.

Do you also want a Dreadnought and a mining permit for free too?

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Not really. Someone who’s been in the game barely 15 days is not in a good position to see things with any perspective. Eve is a long term game, but there is always a fitting with which one can partake and do PvP or PvE. There isn’t some ideal fitting one just suddenly jumps to…its a gradual progression. I started out ratting in 25 DPS Condors, and the rats even in 0.5 systems were scary…worked my way into better fittings, and now the rats don’t stand a chance.

That’s how Eve goes. No-one’s going to be flying a Titan on day 1. When I started with Wrecking Machine I was solely in cruisers. It took me months to get the skills for a Nightmare battleship, and so on for Apocalypse and Drekavac and lately the Leshak. And all the wait is worth it in the end.

Next on the list is a Paladin…which will be 2 years into the game. Though I could probably have had one in 6 months if I’d specifically trained for it.


If you are a new player, everything is new to you. 1m ISK is a huge amount of money and a Catalyst a great ship. How did I celebrate my first Vexor!
Of course you need basic skills, but especially the first weeks are great adventure learning about new aspects all the time. I admit EvE rewards those who like to learn. But then it’s fun from minute one.

What do you mean? The Catalyst is a great ship and 1 million isk will buy at least 5 skillbooks.
A new player can get more than 20 million isk and 1 million SP on the first day.
And still they whine and moan…

I think most of you didn’t understand my message to new players. there are many tips for the game, and hardly anyone says skills first and then battle, you can have fun in many ways in the game! omega and skills of the sea! good luck and the end, that’s a message to the new player!

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Because it’s not helpful. New players should fight early in cheap ships, ideally in a group or roam. Because there’s much more than skills and good ships you need to fight.

I mean… Why not both? Again the AIR and Agency programs have some pretty tasty skill boosters for low time and equipment commitment

Meh…each sheet of gold toilet paper on my Amarr ships is worth 1m ISK

no, you are telling wrong facts

it will only take a few hours/days for you to jump into an explo frig and do some exploration, or a t1 frig and go in FW (and get killed often, yes, and so?), or do some t1 abyssals, or some L1 missions with a cheap ship and suboptimal skills

You have two options:
Whine, complain, and go back to a more usual mmo where a NPC will ask you to kill 10 wolves and call you the savior of the word
or you can embrace the challenge, learn, improve, basically HTFU

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see you next year ))

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