Just started playing, should I sub or wait a bit?

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I’m wondering how far i can go until the f2p model will start gimping me. IE. I don’t want to sub right away if I can play for free for a good length of time, since it seems like Eve is a game with a lot of a down-time and waiting. Advice anyone?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

I’d say depends on your taste really, you can try and get the sub with ingame money, all you are getting by subbing is really access to all the skills and bigger ships. If you like the game then go right ahead and sub! If you are unsure then give it some more time.

(Do Little) #3

Alpha skills are the core skills you would be training as a new player anyway - it will take you twice as long to train them as an Alpha but you won’t be “missing” anything if you stay F2P for a couple of months. Complete the tutorial, the mission agents and the SOE Epic Arc. Try some Faction Warfare or fly with a Nullsec new player corp like Brave, Karmafleet or Pandemic Horde. After a couple of months, you’ll know if Eve is for you and there won’t be any question about whether or not you should subscribe.

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Thanks to you both!

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Maybe this thread can answer some of your questions:

(Garen Lemmont) #6

I’ll be honest. Back in the day Eve had a two week trial. I milked as much as I could within that two weeks and by day eleven-ish, knew that I wanted to partake in this game for the long term.

I subbed in advance of my trial completion and have been a paying member since. Even going semi-inactive for a couple of stints has done nothing to stem my enthusiasm for participating (or continuing to pay) in this game.

Do what you want to do, take advantage of Alpha status, but from my perspective… if you know, why delay? Not like the sub here costs all that much.

Good luck and welcome to Eve!!

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