New Player, should I subscribe?


After getting into Second Galaxy, I have decided to try out the real game. Is subscribing a worthwhile investment out of the gate?



Yeah. I’d say it’s worthwhile.

I would say not. Wait until you hit the 5 million sp cap as an alpha. All that sp is free. Unless you are rich irl. Then you can do whatever.


It’s not an investment at all, but consider what else you spend your entertainment budget on and ask yourself if EVE fits into that at whatever your local subscription rate is.

If you play an average of two hours a day, 60 hours a month, and you pay $15 for that sub… Is EVE worth $0.25 per hour? What did you spend on coffee or burgers last month?

That’s how I look at it, anyway.


There is very little reason to go omega right away, as a new player. You’re not going to run into any barriers too quickly and while training is faster being new means you don’t even know WHAT to train, or do. Unless it’s disposable income for you I’d suggest to take your time to figure out what EVE actually is, if it’s actually what you are looking for and if so which play style you are looking for.

I would suggest to try different play styles, different ships, weapons and factions and actually, create different accounts so you can train different things at the same time. And once you have somewhat of an idea then start to focus on that play style/character/account that you feel suits you and THEN perhaps go omega on that one.

As a side note I’d suggest to NOT buy plex, inject SP or create/copy skill plans, especially not “magic 14”. All of these will rob you of early achievements that keep you interested or just set you on a long boring road to something you might not even end up enjoying.

Jump on and get comfortable with the game a bit for 3-4 days. If you are having fun 100% recommend a sub.


If you get through the tutorial and feel like you could exist with us here in Eve, then yes throw it a sub you will train twice as fast as an Alpha.

I reccomend subbing but as others have said go ahead and get some more experience as not subbing right away isnt a bad thing.

Thanks for the input, friends. I’ll sub a little further down the line.

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Nope. Eve is dying and CCP are flogging a dead horse. Don’t bother subbing, ever.

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If you enjoy the game as an alpha, stay alpha.

Hold off from subbing until you’ve got a good reason.

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What most have already said… It is nice to have faster training and adding a list of skills to train that lasts weeks/months is also nice. But if you are going to play every day to add skills to training queue and you dont mind a bit more wait. Training the basics first can save some money.

Personally I always go for subs in a game once I realize I like it, for the bonuses.


Counter-argument: it’s $15 for your first month. Unless you’re poor just buy it.

The main reason to sub is to do pvp and maybe large-scale industry and trade. Vanilla pve shouldn’t require a sub.

Of course if that’s all you’re going to do you might as well quit now because you’ve opted into the most boring and pointless part of the game. PvE exists to fund the cool things, nothing more.

Not just sp wise, but very few people stick with the game if they don’t find a good group of people to play with.

So it may also be a good idea to wait until you find some friends before you invest heavily in the game.

If you are a patient person, wait until you hit the 5.5M SP cap for Alphas…

If you are not or $15 doesn’t bother you then go for it…

Just please, read first some advise on EVE and how to play and enjoy it:

  • Don’t play to earn ISK, play to have fun
  • Set short term and long term goals
  • Have your character specilize in a primary role and a secondary (related) role…don’t Swiss-Army-Knife

Enjoy and GL…



Everything should require a sub. Alpha state should be removed entirely.

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Subscribing right away isn’t necessary it only gives you an option to train more skills you likely won’t find as useful since your other base operating skills will be so low anyways. Your mostly just getting the bonus of double training speed for the cost of a subscription.

I would first take advantage as a new player of all the alpha training time you can get as it won’t cost you anything and will let you work up a lot of the alpha skills you want to train a few levels in before really getting into more advanced skills to use.

You can train up to 5 million Skill points as an alpha, training time at half speed it would still only take about 3 months to max out your potential training as an alpha then you could start going omega to train other skills that you can still use as an alpha in case you want to avoid spending too much on subscriptions for a period of time.

There is a limit of 20 million skill points worth of alpha skills you can use and they recently buffed alphas to have more omega only skills than they used to.

If you really want a boost you might as well buy the starter pack and get the 1 million extra skill points from the start.

Also don’t forget to use a friend invite to create your account for another bonus of skill points when you begin.

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