So I Buy Omega Time

Just signed up a little over a week ago, and am working my way through the tutorials. Keep getting offers to purchase Omega status and Plex. Now, Omega is a monthly thing, so what happens when I purchase a one-month subscription and get access to all of the Omega levels, and then fail to purchase the following month(s)? It seems to me that, once I sign up for Omega, I have to pay every month going forward to maintain the Omega goodies. If I bought an Omega ship and didn’t keep up my subscription, what would happen?

I’m interested in staying onboard, but right now, I’m not too sure about spending $15USD every month to play. Input, please?

You will keep any Omega skills you trained, and anything you purchased, but you will not be able to use them until you resubscribe.

The good thing about EVE is you can pay with in-game currency (buying PLEX off the market), to subscribe. All you have to do is earn an average of about 60mil per day to be able to afford it. As a week old player that may sound like a lot, but once you learn decent ways of making ISK, it really isn’t that difficult.

(Though, I prefer to use my isk on other stuff, so I just pay the fee on a few of my accounts)

That’s kind of how the deal works.

You pay to continue playing a subscription game with the subscription benefits.
You stop paying, you lose those subscription benefits.

At some point in the future, you may become self-sufficient enough to subscribe without paying by using in-game currency, but it’s recommended that you don’t try to do that until you’ve got a good chunk of experience.


CCP is a business. If we want them to keep developing the game, we need to keep paying their salaries. The question is whether you are getting good value for your entertainment dollar.

You can earn the subscription fee in game through ratting or industry - which is great if you enjoy that activity but it is supposed to be a game - don’t turn it into a job where you do something you don’t enjoy for an hour to save 50 cents!

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Thanks to all of you for the replies. I was just looking at the packs - Omega, Plex and Skill Points, and wondering if it would be worth it right now. But seeing as I’m a noob with little experience, I don’t think I’ll spend any money right now until I know what I’m doing.

How does the Plex work? How does it fit in with the ISK?

Those packs are terrible. Just ignore them.

PLEX is an item that players can purchase directly from CCP. 500 units of PLEX can be redeemed in-game for 30 days of Omega subscription. PLEX that is purchased directly from CCP can be sold in-game as an item on the player run market for ISK.

This means you can use ISK acquired in game (from things such as Missions or killing NPC pirates) to purchase PLEX. Once you’ve purchased and own 500 units of PLEX, you can redeem them for 30 days of Omega time.

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The only pack worth considering at this time is the “new” starter pack offered through 3rd party resellers.

It gives pretty good value for $5.00 if your character is young enough to use the booster.

Otherwise, the main difference between Alpha and Omega for the first few months is training speed.

If you’ve decided on a career in industry you will find Alpha restrictive - CCP (justifiably) doesn’t want free-to-play accounts having a significant impact on the game economy.

Quoting for emphasis.

To any and all newbies reading this thread:

  • Focus on playing the game and having fun first!
  • Do not make your first goal to pay for your subscription with in-game currency.

If you try to make as much in-game money as possible to pay for the subscription you will quickly burn out. Believe me… many have attempted this. Many are not here any more.

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i fully agree with ShahFluffers. Eve is a game, if it becomes a job, you could leave it sooner or later

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If I go over to this link and buy the package, how is it applied to my Eve account? I haven’t been online for more than two weeks so far, so this isn’t a bad deal. I’d rather pay $5 for this “trial” shot and see how that goes.

You will be sent an email with a code. You then go to an input the game code. Your account will then receive the items and such via the Redeeming system.


look … you should anyways pay per year if you make a subscription
its cheaper per month that way

and … you will go omega at one point … you want to have capitals or other stuff … skill with full speed … use cloacky ships … so if you like the game you will go omega …


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