Been here a week, Should I Spend $$?

I’m getting into the game and still have a few tutorials to go. Been approached by several corps to join, and have some help in the chat and mail. And I think I’m going to be here for awhile.

So - how should I spend my money? Just buy, say, 3 months worth of Omega time? Or maybe a big chunk of Plex and buy Omega? Or maybe buying one of the packs, and getting Omega, Plex, and Skill Points? And what’s the exchange, Plex to ISK?

What say y’all?

A monthly subscription is considerably cheaper than buying PLEX to pay for your Omega time.

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I think PLEX is currently around 3.5 million ISK per 1 PLEX, and it takes 500 PLEX for Omega time, so 1 month Omega is roughly 1.7 billion ISK. Somewhere around there.

So buying Omega for 3 months @ $12.95 per ($38,85) seems to be the best choice. I don’t want to go for more time right now to make sure I’ll still be around in 90 days. So I get bigger and better ships and a bit more Skill Points, I guess.

Remember the new packages CCP has on offer…those on sale (if they go that is) are a good deal…well the old ones were…

Take a look…

The new ones are ■■■■, methinks.

As for the topic: do whatever you feel comfortable with. This game is different from others in that you need to invest a lot of time to become proficient in it (and I’m talking about much more than just skill points), not to mention the time it takes to get everything set up, be it ships, alts, structures, a group you can trust (or not) et cetera. It all takes time.

If you’re willing to invest said time, then by all means go for it.

I would do it mostly because the 2x training time is definitely worth it. While it was different for me when I started, I decided to invest one year’s worth of subscription time in the first year. After hooking up with some nullsec bros managed to become self sufficient after that.

Its also very freeing because you get to remove that temptation to play as an Alpha account just to grind for an Omega sub. Which leads to you having a lot more fun with the game overall.


People have given you great advice so far. Also consider that Eve Online was originally subscription only, and most folks will tell you the paid version gives you the definitive Eve experience. The free alpha clone thing is basically an unlimited free trial, and not even all that great of a way to get introduced to Eve because “can I use this? no. can I use this? yes, but…” gets confusing and tedious.

If you think you might like the game, $15/month is a very small gamble. You most certainly will get your $15/month worth out of whatever you end up buying.

Good luck. Talk soon.


Buy a pack. Then buy gametime once per month anytime in the omega time from that (omega time is added onto the end of your subscription, so you won’t be losing time off your omega subscription regardless of when you buy it). If you like EvE then buy 3 months subscription. If you like that then buy 6 months subscription.

DO NOT buy Plex with real money for the purpose of just activating it for gametime. For that just buying an omega subscription directly from CCP’s website is cheaper. Buying Plex with ingame money to activate it for gametime is fine once your game has progressed a while, but don’t do it when newer.

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In the time I have started playing Eve, we could not have more that couple of weeks for try it out. So I created new accounts over and over again till I decided , that I will stay and what should I do to get maximum fun out of it.
Now practical part: there is a buddy program still running in Eve. Use this link to create a new account and you will get new account with 1 000 000 free skill points.

Mail me in game if you decide to go omega or buy PLEX with this new account. I will share the reward with you, so you get some Isk. Just make sure I know, when you upgraded because game does not tell me, that it is you, who upgraded after using my link. I would not like to send your isk to some random person, who will mail me first :wink:

Isk and skills is not everything in Eve’s PvE. If you like to PvE there is a ton of content, that is unlocked after you get standing toward NPC factions and/or corporations. And that thing is hard to buy, most of us need time to work standings up. What I am trying to say, is that if you are not all into PvP there is no much point to buy plex and sell in in game to get ISK, if you are new. You will need time to look around, get standings and than, after you decide what gear you really need to get some fun - sell some plex and get your stuff.

there will be a offer for 1 month omega for 50% discount soon … its for new players … you can try what you get …


Worth mentioning that on occasion you’ll find deals at this store than are better priced or not currently available from CCP and also that you can also buy time/plex from amazon in case you have a gift card laying around

First, if you have only joined the game on your own without any recruitment bonus you should immediately create a new account using a recruitment link for the one you are using now.

This way you will get extra skill points that will more than make up for the week lost of training your current clone/account. Also you will get other bonuses on your first account for when you first subscribe to Omega on your new account.

It is a good idea because if you play this game for awhile you will have more than one account and eventually be able to multibox but it is always useful to have more than one account or clone and even as alphas you will be able to train two clones with two accounts instead of one at a time on the same account.

Which leads into my next suggestion…Don’t go Omega first, just buy some PLEX to create a bit of Bank to test things out, learn and play with.

Every alpha clone can train up to 5 million skill points worth of Alpha skills before you need to use Omega to train beyond the limit. Alphas clones can use up to 20 million SP worth of skills you don’t need Omega to use, but only to train beyond that 5m SP limit.

So you should spend the first few months soaking up some lower level skills as an alpha for free while you also learn the basics of the game. This will also help later for understanding better how to play as an alpha so you don’t need to think that being Omega is the only way to play. Then you don’t need to be Omega crazy newb like most idiots who think that you should play the game to farm ISK to buy PLEX just to continue Omega all the time.

You can actually do quite a lot especially as a new and casual player just as an alpha, you will need to train all of those basic skills that are mostly alpha before you can even train those higher level and Omega only skills anyways so going Omega the first few months doesn’t really get you using those Omega skills to their potential your just paying to cut the training time of the base skills in half before you can really take advantage of being Omega in every way.

It will take about 3 months to reach 5m SP with an alpha clone, you can also make an alternate alpha clone on the same account once you reach that limit and have worked on skills with each clone on your account for different purposes later on. Mining, ratting, combat pvp clone, etc.

By the time you are ready to pay for your subscription and use Omega you will have a lot of the basic fitting/stat skills and prerequisites for the Omega skills you will want to train. Not to mention a more thorough knowledge of how to play the game and actually use your Omega status to it’s full potential.

Try to join a corp as soon as possible for basic help and gaining experience, even if you might move onto another later on it always helps with other players and having friends.

Good luck and welcome to Eve online.

Sound advice all around, but I want to point out something specific with the above quote text:

“Bigger is not better”

In EVE, ships are basically tools. Each class of ships and each ship within a class has a certain range of roles it can fulfill well.

Outside of those roles, ship classes/types can suffer.

Some examples:

  • Frigates may seem like cheap, fragile ships… and they are. But they are also very agile and fast… making them ideal for scouting and intercepting other ships. Even veterans use these ships when fast-attack groups are the order of the day.
  • Battleships are expensive and slow. But they have many slots to maximize certain stats (specifically firepower and tank) and have some spare module slots for “utility” (meaning they do a few extra things beyond straight combat and/or have modules to better support their combat abilities).
  • An Ewar ship (Electronic Warfare) is not going to be very good at combat. They are generally frail and don’t pack the bonuses or the firepower to engage in straight fights. But they excel as “scouts” and support for other ships with more “teeth.”
  • A combat ship is going to have bonuses for dealing and soaking up damage. However, they tend to be a bit slower than their in-class peers and don’t have too many “spare” module slots to do anything more than combat.

And finally:

Don’t let your lack of skill points stop you.
You do not need “perfect skills” to fly anything outside of really expensive stuff (and even this is only a “strong recommendation”).

Those hundreds of millions of skillpoints that veterans have? Don’t sweat it. Only two million or so of those skillpoints are being “used” at any given time.
This is because certain ships and roles only require a specific range of skillpoints. The rest of it simply gives veterans options in what they can use in terms of other ships/roles/modules they can use.