Omega needed to train skills? (SOLVED)

(Razor Xadi) #1

I’m trying to learn all the skills needed to unlock “Orca” but i can’t learn some skills without Omega status, i have the requirements, Are there any way to inject and learn the skills without Omega stauts?

(Dyver Phycad) #2

Inject the skill and then apply unallocated skillpoints from skill injectors. You won’t be able to board the ship, though.

(Razor Xadi) #3

(Terak Romaller) #4

And even if you go Omega to train them, you need to remain Omega to use those skills. So, lapse back to Alpha and you can’t fly an Orca (unless you re-subscibe - which unlocks them again).

(Razor Xadi) #5

and when i injected it. it removed it from my item hangar

(Dyver Phycad) #6

Because the skill was injected into the skills but you cannot add it to the queue to train it.

(Terak Romaller) #7

Yes. You can inject skills, but not train them. The skill book is consumed when you inject a skill.

(Razor Xadi) #8

WTF why i must pay to use a fcking ship in a game? if it was permanent i pay but i’ll don’t pay 10$/month

(Dyver Phycad) #9

Welcome to EVE with free but limited and paid but almost full feature scope. No ships are permanent in EVE. You pay for access to the software, not to keep your ships.

(QuakeGod) #10

EVE is a monthly subscription game. Always has been. Should have read up before you installed.

(Razor Xadi) #11

I like the game but i will not pay to play

(QuakeGod) #12

Then be happy with limited Alpha clone gameplay for free.

(Razor Xadi) #13

i didn’t know that, it’s possible in a future i pay but not now

(Razor Xadi) #14

I need to play more to know if i like it sufficent to pay for it

(Razor Xadi) #15

The game have a good community and if i pay i know if don’t undertand anything i can ask in forums

(Terak Romaller) #16

Eve is a subscription game. It has to be.
Without the subscriptions then how do CCP pay for ongoing development and infrastructure?

Or were you expecting everything for nothing, or years of game play, development and support for a one off payment?

Take a deep breath, calm down and don’t just leap into things - this is Eve: you are an immortal capsuleer. You’ve only got the rest of your life.

Now: how much stuff do you need to move (volume m3 ideally, or a description of the ships) and how far?
Let’s see if we can work the problem out.

(Razor Xadi) #17

No, i understand why they need a monthly payment, but i’m 17 i’m studying and i haven’t got work when i work i’ll pay it :slight_smile:

(Terak Romaller) #18

You have an advantage over me. I started when you had a couple of free weeks before you subscribe.
You get to explore New Eden at your leisure before making the big commitment.

This “game” gets under your skin.

(Razor Xadi) #19

Haha i know, but i’m new and i don’t know nothing of the game right now

(The Dunning Kruger) #20

Because EVE isn’t a free to play game, EVE is a subscription game. It has been since it’s release 15 years ago. Be happy you get to play for free at all. If it were up to me, alphas wouldn’t exist.