Cower in fear before 1 day old Tengu man

Noticed this guy floating past at pretty much exactly 24hours old :smiley:

Injectors are mental :slowparrot:


They are fairly popular these ships, I have seen few such characters skill injected. Probably alts. :woman_shrugging:


or someone with a credit card, I know a guy that’s cancer that’s like that, probably spent about a grand or so injecting into orcas, barges, rorqs and some other specifics

Those people keep your game alive :wink:


going to need more of them too, because come their new alpha clone changes about half of eve wont need to pay subscriptions =)

Maybe I’m wrong, but from what I’ve read so far, you can train more skills but you’re still limited to 5 million skill points, which means now you have to make CHOICES and leave some of the available skills untrained because you’ve reached the points limit.

OR, go Omega for a YEAR so you temporarily suspend the 5 million limit and can train all the skills that add up to approx 20 million points (it takes an Omega a year to train 20 mil points).

OR, pay the injector costs for 20 million points and stay Alpha.

So basically it’s even more of an “incentive” to pay up. They’re just putting the ships you COULD unlock within reach of an Alpha, but instead of being locked behind a paywall, they’re now behind a “choice-or-you-pay wall.”


Seems about right, i started in January this year, and have about 13.3mill SP. then again i have used a few injectors and am currently training some big long skills which is giving me a surprising amount of SP.

Just to correct one of your statements:
You make a set number of SP per minute, as described here. Training high rank skills requires a lot of SP and a lot of time, they do not get you SP any faster than other skills. You could train a lot of low rank skills using the same attributes and make the exact same amount of SP/hour.

Injectors can be bought easily with the isk alphas make, so no sub ever needed.

Have you tried scanning down lost Geckos in heavy missioning / ratting space?

Have you tried renaming a Vexor to Vexor Navy Issue and selling it to some mug for 6 times it’s value with the trade window?

Have you tried market trading with an initial investment pile of approx 2 Billion?

Have you set up a PI network somewhere to passively produce ISK?

Have you tried ransoming your PvP targets instead of killing them since ISK is useful and killmails are like cock flavoured lollypops?

I’ve suggested all these things and more, i wonder how many you tried? Any of those ideas can make PLEX money seperately, together it would be easy as.

No i havent tried a majority of those, i guess i shouldn’t have posted such a controversal comment without better detail. I was using more of a shitty expression, ill just go take down my comment lol.
Those options do sound fun though.

To be honest, if I had tons of money to waste, I’d do something similar with some of my alts.

They are :smiley: and (i think) all of them can be done by an alpha (unsure about PI but i think alphas can… or can soon?).

Honestly anyone who only thinks of Missioning, ratting, mining, manufacture or any of the standard provided income streams is missing a trick. The easy money in EvE is in the actual player to player services and small clever niches that others overlooked.

Don’t worry yourself dude we (mostly) have thick skins here :slight_smile: Genuinely up for helping you out if you’re having trouble funding yourself.

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CCP needs people like this. Without people buying skill injectors, CCP is in deep deep financial trouble. Have a look at the financials before and after CCP went pay-to-win. Right now, the brilliant minds at the C-level at CCP (yeah, the same ones that brought you Dust, VR, Captain’s Quarters) are scrambling to find other ways to squeeze more blood from their shrinking set of stones known as the paid subscription base.

As if the training time multiplier and T2 ships weren’t enough of a reason to sub

tracking big fleets and salvaging the loot field after they have finished exploding each other
watching the jita scammers till you know how they do and duplicating, or making your own scams
learning to probe down ships and looting mission fields for missions you don’t have the skills to run
learning to bump and getting a deal with gank squads for a cut when you find them a target
you don’t need 2 bil to trade either, if you can deal with carpal tunnel you can run 500mil to 2 bil in a week, then make a bil a week and growing easy with minimal clicks
also just do exploration in nul

edit: plus this guy might be a ten year vet with loads of isk who just thought ■■■■ it I’m gonna inject a tengu, player might not be one day old

Well that’s a first
I have never seen you post without mentioning the
’null-sec cartels’

GSF accepted your app at last?

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