Is it now more efficient to buy alpha injectors than to sub?

Is it me or is it now more efficient to train a new alt by buying alpha injectors than it is to actually sub?

An Omega trains about 50k SP per day with average attributes and some implants (can be more when optimized). Alpha’s train half of that so about 25K SP per day. Therefore subbing with Plex gives me about 25K extra SP for a month.

30 day sub -> 1.65 bil for 25K SP extra per day
30 alpha injectors -> 1.8 bil spend for 50K SP extra per day

So As long as I am below 5m Skillpoints subbing seems rather pointless now. Also note that alpha injectors give unallocated skillpoints that can be redeemed for any skill once going omega. So as long as I don’t need an alt immediately there seems to be little reason to invest in Omega status.

Of course this may change when prices changes but currently this seems to be the case?

Or did I make a mistake somewhere?

I think this is the point. The daily Alpha injectors still encourage PLEX sales and cater to those that wouldn’t be subbing their account anyway, at least up until the 5mil cap. Otherwise, why would these ever get used?

But maybe I’m giving CCP too much credit.

CCP have some intention to address new Omega’s also per the mega thread. Exactly what we haven’t seen yet.

subbing with money is still the most efficient, given the time it takes to earn a few dollars IRL compared to the time to earn ISK in game.


If you can log in every day until 5M SP, buying the new alpha injectors with real money is most efficient. If you can’t, they’re not.

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Does nobody find it a bit weird that you are punished with lower SP income (because no alpha injectors) if you go Omega?

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Yes, what you pointed out hadnt occurred to me.

Seems the most efficient way for a completely new toon is:
-Alpha Injectors till 5mil
-Then Omega the toon with a Buddy invite, granting you a free PLEX and 250k SP.

The daily injectors will cost more isk, but cost you less cash.

You are right. Seems it is not worthwhile to jump into Omega, right out of the gate.
Very counter-intuitive.

I suppose a solution would be that Omega would offer greater SP returns until 5mil SP.

While this makes a certain sense… it also misses certain skills that are only available to omegas that can cause a big uptick in isk generation.

For example… PI to lvl for for an omega toon takes about a week of training. With a simple low-effort setup for the 5 planets that gets you in an accessible low-sec system to a market hub… you can bring in 300-400m isk per month.

If you do that, you’ll have a lot more isk to spend on regular injectors to more than catch up on the skill training you might miss by going injector + alpha training rate.


Yes, you are correct on this and the better passive isk rewards.

But still, the first 5mil SP can be allocated to several skills that are also of advantage to a future Omega PI operative. Basic navigation etc skills.

Wait, you can only use these alpha injectors if you are below 5M skill points? Then what am I as Omega supposed to do with these useless injectors? I mean, selling them on the market with this little demand is hardly more useful than outright trashing them.

No. You can use them up to 20m sp, but only if you stay an alpha. The point is you can use them below 5.5m AS WELL, what allows you to speed up your progress to extent you wouldn’t be able to reach as omega - until you’ll exceed that 5.5m threshold. After it learning with dailies suddenly becomes slower than omega. A bit strange approach, but whatever.

The thing is that alpha skill training stops at 5m skillpoints.

How are we going to get Alpha Injectors once the event is over?

From the NES, priced at 20 PLEX,

You know Omegas can’t use them at all, right? They are Alpha use only regardless of SP. Even if you’re an Omega below 5m SP you can’t use them.

If the market is good for em yay.

If it sucks… Im sure I have an alpha account to do something with somewhere

How about:
30-day sub (paid as sub, with yearly discount offered to alphas) = $8 / month = 200 nuPLEX = 0.66 bil for 25k SP extra.
30 day alpha injectors = 1.8 bil for 50k SP extra per day up to 20 million points (up to a year).

PLEX is a terrible way to do Omega, basically. Direct subscription is 60% cost of PLEX with no discounts, 40% cost of PLEX with discounts (which they offer almost constantly).

And if you’re going to argue that they have PLEX discounts too, the biggest I’ve seen was a 20%, so the 1.8 bil / 50k = 0.9 / 25k becomes 0.72bil / 25k still more than 0.66bil / 25k from sub.


Yes, but you’ll likely be able to get more SP overall with going omega, training PI first, and then using PI earnings from that point onward to buy regular skill injectors. Though that would likely depend on how effective your PI is.

Might as well use the first 5mil for basic navigation and other skills. You will need to haul/transit to run PI anyways later on.

If you’re talking about getting all 5m sp for free… sure.
If you’re talking about getting your skills up as quickly as possible, it’s probably best to go omega immediately, train PI and gal industrial 3 on all three toons and buy regular skill injectors as opposed to using alpha training AND alpha skill injectors to get to the limit as fast as possible before going Omega.

I say “probably”… because in reality it might end up pretty close.