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I bought 5 alpha daily injectors.

When my skill points reached 4955000, i enabled one, now it says i have 5005000. (I should have waited till it reached 5 mil)

But now i cannot train anything, message that comes is you have crossed 5 million skill points, need to have omega or buy daily injectors.

I am trying to train weapons upgrades to level 4. This takes 1 day 4 hours.

Is this because 50000 skill points is not enough to train for 1 day and 4 hours. Should i enable one more injector tomorrow so that it can be 5005000 + 50000 & then try? I tried to train missile launcher operation to level 3 which takes around 7 hours, even that is not happening.

Hope what i am asking is clear.

PS - Just found that i cannot eve train rockets to level 1 which shows that it will take 1 hour 17 minutes.

You can’t train past the 5M limit, but you can use the injected skillpoints and apply it to skills instantly you want to train. Right click menu is your friend.

But honestly buying Omega is cheaper than Alpha injectors …

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Alphas have a soft limit of 5 mil sp for passive training as mentioned.

But they have a hard cap of 20ish mil sp by way of injectors and daily SP.

Where as if you buy omega, youll have 2x training speed and no limit

Thanks for the info.

I bought 10, on the Steam page. There are discounts for all sorts of things for EVE from interesting packs to Omega time.
I think it’s neat that we can have sp that way. I was debating between Omega time (x2) or 50,000sp everyday for 10 days and I chose the injectors instead. Of course I bought a large skill injector as well, just because, and some PLEX to thank the devs for their work and have some iskies… so - uhmm- yea :smiley:

~Fifie is training hard everyday.

I did the math before and its actually cheaper and more economical to buy the alpha injectors and use them instead of a Large Skill Injector. 10 alpha injectors = 500k SP where as a Large Injector NOW only gives you 400k SP.

The more SP you gain, the less SP you get from LSI’s.

The only downside to that, while the LSI is instant, you gotta wait 10 days with the alpha injectors.

I never did the math on the other injectors


Just want to add, Alpha state is just an extended trial with severe limitations what you can do/use … if you really want to play all the fun aspects going Omega is in inevitable.


Thanks, this clears it up.

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