Alpha 5 million SP+ question

I understand that an alpha is limited to 5 million skill points and to go past that you need to buy skill injectors. I was wondering if the extra skill points from the injectors unlocks some of the training walls of an alpha or do the injectors just allow you to fill in the gaps of other skills you didn’t train?

For instance, Astrometric Pinpointing I can only train to level 3. If I am at a max 5 million SP can I use a daily injector to push it past three or does the injectors only allow you to fill in skills you didn’t train on your way to 5 million?

You can’t go over alpha skill limit!
With or without skill injectors.
Alpha lets you to see/test the game, if you like the game by now and you want to go past that skill limit…
Go omega, subscribe.

Any of the skills available to Alpha characters can be trained as part of the initial 5 million - if you want to focus train battleships, you can. The daily injectors and frequent skillpoint events let you train the remaining available skills up to the 20 million SP cap.

The skills available deliberately limit your ability to impact the game economy - if you want to play as an industrialist, you need to subscribe.

Alpha can be viable for casual or social players but, if you hang around long enough to earn 5 million SP, you’re probably enjoying the game and should be willing to invest a few dollars/euros per month for a subscription. In the developed world a decent lunch costs more than a month subscription to Eve.

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