Small Skill Injector vs. Daily Alpha Injector

Do I understand it correctly that you can use either one to acquire our new Alpha skills? If so, why would anyone use the Daily as the regular ones give such greater value for the ISK?

Its kinda like anything in life, it will be cheaper/SP if you buy in bulk, but if you dont want to buy that much SP, then you can obtain smaller amounts for less ISK at a higher ISK/SP rate.

So you CAN use the regular injectors to go beyond the 5 mil then?

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Ignore this person as they have no idea what they are talking about.

You can use ANY injectors as an alpha, but if you want to use the skills as an alpha up to the 20mil SP limit, then make sure that they are on this list -->

The daily skill injectors are just a cheaper option if you want a low amount of SP, because a small skill injector is quite expensive for an alpha.


This ^ by the looks of it.

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Thanks Netan. I was pretty sure that I read somewhere that you could use the regular ones but could not find it again or any other source where it was stated explicitly.

As to supporting the game, I do believe in doing just that with games I enjoy and play regularly. I’m not really “playing” EVE, but preparing to play EVE someday, maybe. What I mean by that is a whole can of worms best left for another day, if ever, since it’s a matter of opinion and preference.

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You don’t need to support anything unless it’s something that’s worth your money :slight_smile: Just give EvE a go and get in touch if you get lost :slight_smile:

Before I waste ISK or IRL money on alpha injectors, anyone know if a character with more than 20M SP can use an alpha injector on untrained alpha skills? I have a few alpha skills I’d like to train up still.

Correct, the 20mil SP cap is the number of skills that are on the alpha sheet, im like 40 mil and still have some alpha skills that i could inject into if i needed to.

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Alphas train 5 million SP free - using injectors for those skills makes no economic sense - only if you want instant gratification.

Beyond 5 million SP the standard injector only gives you part of the SP depending on how many SP you already have. between 5 and 50 million SP you get 80%. So a full injector costing roughly 800 million ISK delivers 400K SP - equivalent to 8 daily injectors. The daily injectors cost 20 PLEX ~ 60-70 million ISK depending on the price of PLEX - a much better value than standard injectors for Alpha players.

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