Im confused

So i use a daily injector on one of my pilots to test it out, but try and add a skill ive unlocked and put it in Q but when i click start it resorts to the use daily skill injector,

So is this like a scam on ccp’s behalf telling players they can train multiple races and weapons but not actually train them

Even skills post pre patch i cant even add to skill Q without it giveing me the use daily skill injector

Are you already at the 5m SP max for Alphas? Although the new content allows you to go up to 20m, all of that extra SP (15m) can only be gained via Skill Injectors, they won’t just train. So under those circumstances, yes, if you add a skill it’s only going to work if you use an Injector like the daily.

If you’re not at 5m SP, ignore the above.

But you should be allowed to finish off the pre base alpha skills before the patch was set in, like im trying to do Gunnery V which was a pre alpha skill you could train, which now you cant, completely ruins the purpose of expanding chars to 20m sp if they can only use an injector once a day to train skills.

Not really a good way to get players involved more if they find out they cant still train regular alpha skills after they cap at 5m sp

Well the positive is supposed to be that you can go way beyond the old 5m cap. Being able to have 15m more SP than you used to be able to have is hardly a negative. But, of course, the drawback is you’ve got to use Injectors.

I had no time to check the new alpha system so far.
But i am a bit confused.
Gunnery 5 was possible with the old alpha skills. And it is still in the new alpha skill list. And as long as you are not at 5 million skill points, you should be able to train all the skills of the new alpha skill list.

I have no idea how these new injectors will work, especially after you reached the 5 million skill points.

But from the patch notes they changed it from the old skill list (faction limited list) to the new list (same for all). And you should be able to train anything from the list untill you reach 5 million skill points. There should be no problem at all, because all the old skills are part of the new skill list (as far as i saw). Plus the new skills for the T2 weapons and higher ships.

  • The skill queue stops at 5mil SP if you are Alpha.
  • Alpha SP injectors add 50k SP to the SP pool which can be spend instantly on skills in the alpha set.

At least that’s how it should work from the blog. Not really complicated.


Does it say in the game how it works? Why CCP have no documentation in game? What about link to evelopedia article? :smirk:


When you use the daily injector it gives you some unallocated points. They are listed in green at the top of the character sheet.

The QUEUE DOESN’T WORK if you’re Alpha / maxed out.

What you have to do get the skill that you want from the market, inject it into your character sheet, then right-click it and apply some of the points to it. That will instantly train the skill, until you run out of points.

Next day, repeat (daily injector -> points -> apply points to each skill that you want).

NO QUEUE. Right-click each skill (in character sheet) and apply points manually.


As long as you have space under 5m for Gunnery V, then of course, you can pick that or anything else from the 20m SP list.

It seems the OP is at 5m however and expects to be able to train ‘old’ Alpha skills just because he used to be able to.

They become the only way to train more skills, be they ‘new’ Alpha skills or ‘old’ Alpha skills. Essentially new and old is irrelevant and a thing of the past. You can have 5m out of the 20m for free, and 15m more via Injectors.

I’m assuming in the case of the OP, he was once an Omega, and trained some (at the time) Omega only skills that are now Alpha and count towards his 5m allowance. This is how you could end up an Alpha today with 5m in skills but not all of the old Alpha skills.

Or maybe he already had time today to Inject some ‘new’ Alpha skills and hit 5m and then tried to train Gunnery V believing he had some right to do so because ‘old’ Alpha, which makes no difference now.

He said:

…which does indeed support one of the above scenarios, that he’s at 5m and trying to go back and train ‘old’ Alpha skills, when actually there is no such thing anymore and ‘old’ or not is irrelevant if you are at your ‘free’ cap.


I can see what you mean now. But he could only get over the 5 million when he payed for omega in the past.

And yes, if someone payed and trained other stuff than the “basic” Alpha Skills (the old ~5 million) these are a bit messed up now. Because they might have blocked themself out of some skills they want now, but cannot anymore, because they are over the 5 million block.

It would be really good when CCP would add a “delete” for skills. A way where alphas could just remove unwanted skills to get under the 5 million skill points. And with delete i mean delete (removed without any compensation). This way some might be able to retrain to change the character to the new system.

Or just set all alpha skills back to 0 with a compensation of unused skill points up to the reset skill points. So they can retrain the skills they want (but i guess this would be to good).


lol :smiley: Well played, ma’am

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I prefer madam. :dancer:


Isn’t that what skill extractors do?

Alpha skills cant be extracted only omega skills.

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