Returning player with questions

Tried to google this but with no good results so…

Back in 2012, played some “Omega” months, got couple million(s) SP and now with this Alpha <> Omega system, i have some questions

I was training for a miner character to join a Null mining corp, so most my skills are beyond the “Alpha” limit and now i want to train some of these “Alpha” skills that are open but i’m above the 20m cap so my questions are:

  1. Can i use daily alpha injectors? as my skills didn’t reach the alpha cap… 2) Can i use small/large injectors also?

PS: 250k SP to inject i don’t know where it came from but 25k came from daily logins so 275k total that i plan to use ofcourse.
PS2: Using the Alpha system now to skill up my 2 other character slots to 5m SP to make full use and thinking about buying daily alpha injectors (36m each i guess) in my 22m character.

I wanna say No. Once you reach the 20 mil limit, as an alpha I don’t think you can train past the 20 m mark.
Is your main an alpha or an Omega? If Omega, then you cannot use the alpha injectors on any of your characters, until you revert back to alpha status.

If you are still planning on mining as an Alpha, then you won’t even need 5 million SP, much less 20 million. The only mining ship available to Alphas is a Venture…


To answer your question, no, not Omega right now and as i said in PS2, gonna hold on that to train other characters and i have a small amount of time to play anyway.

Someone just told me to buy 1 daily alpha and try… gonna buy it when i get back home, i’m curious if i can still train these Alpha skills in my screenshot as being inside the 20m cap…

Posting this just to see if anyone tested it before, so i can dodge testing myself.

I am pretty sure you can train them with Alpha injectors. I think the 20 mil SP cap is 20mil applicable SP. That should be all of the Alpha skills capped out. Please do let us know your results though.

Feedback to anyone wondering

So now i can gather 35m to get 50k SP on my main while my other alts in the same account gets some “free” alpha skills points.

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Is it going to let you inject the SP however? Sure you injected the DAI, but can you inject the SP?

You can also purchase the DAI’s if you don’t have the isk, with real currency or purchasing plex to buy them as well.

Edit 3: It works really… i had to right click the desired skill and apply points. The button left side was dark and i couldn’t click on it. Well back on track.

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The “20m limit” is just the sum of all trainable skills for Alpha chars. All skillpoints allocated to omega only skills do not add to this, so you can apply daily injectors as long as you have untrained Alpha skills.

Just for the record: A month of Omega makes about 1.7m SP (depending on attribute layout even more) and thus going omega is much cheaper and faster than the same amount of alpha injectors.

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