Are daily alpha injectors limited to alpha clone skills?

At the bottom of the Alpha Injector sales page it says ’ 20 million Skillpoints available for Alphas, so stock up now!’. So is it limited to the 20 million alpha skills only and not the 450 million skills available to Omega?


Alpha can only go up to 20mil SP.

If you are an Omega Pilot with 450mil SP and you come back as an ALPHA, you can only use ships and equipment available to ALPHA even if you have the skill trained to use better equipment and ships.

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If you keep unallocated SP form alpha injectors. You can use them to inject omega skills once you go omega.


Alpha can’t train Omega skills.

So it doesn’t matter where your skillpoints are coming from (Injector, passive daily gain, Skilling Spree challenge etc) you can’t spend them on Omega skills while you remain an Alpha.

Minor correction to that, since it leads to confusion occasionally.

An alpha account can earn SP in excess of 20m (Skilling Sprees, login rewards, injectors, etc), but can only apply a total that is in the neighborhood of 20m SP (that number hasn’t been updated since new skills were added; it may have edged up to 21m by now).

If I took the time to see how much each level skills gave, I’d take my alpha pilot and count up the current alpha skills

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